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Just when I think the writing may be getting better, Iron Fist tells me otherwise.

This episode has a heavy mixture of both good and bad elements. The weakest elements primarily have to do with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) making her appearance in the series as well as the continuation of the weak character drivel that are the Meachum siblings. The strongest elements pertain to a weird, date that wasn’t a date between Colleen and Danny and a rather awesome pier fight scene.

I love Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple. However, her appearance in Iron Fist seems rather redundant. We are finally re-introduced to her when we discover that she is a student at Colleen Wing’s dojo. Considering all the fighting shenanigans she gets dragged into, taking up self defense is a realistic and smart idea. Even more so when you realize she gets awfully chummy with superheroes that keep meeting the wrong people. Aside from this character introduction, though, the writers utilize her in a repetitive fashion by having her sit and bear witness to whatever storytelling is happening i.e. the awkward faux date between Colleen and Danny or by stitching up a person’s wounds because she is literally the only one that appears to know how to stitch things. If the writers don’t figure out a way to give her more to do, then I will eat them. I will do it. I WILL EAT THEM.

Then there are the Meachum siblings. Ward is self destructing while Joy is, once again, trying to patch up someone else’s mistake when presented with a lawsuit against Rand Enterprises. Although we continue to get glimpses of character development indicating that they aren’t one-note characters, the writers struggle to make these two fully formed. There’s only so much Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Stroup can do to salvage the writing that they are given. I keep hoping that, by the end of the series, they may be more interesting. We can only wait and see.

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The best part of this entire episode was the investigation of the mysterious pier property and the fight scene that we got to witness. While ignoring the women with roller bags being involved with the heroin trade, Colleen and Danny did some great super sleuthing that ended up with a great battle sequence. And when I say great, I mean, great in the sense that the show has set the bar rather low. The end result of the fight leads to Claire Temple having to swoop in and try to save the heroin chemist guy from a life-threatening injury. If there’s a moment when Claire is not saving someone from a life threatening injury this season, I will be super pleased. Give that woman a vacay!

All in all, the episode was just okay. We finally got the answer to the pier subplot that was introduced at the beginning of the season. It does confirm a theory of mine as to when Madame Gao was going to resume her heroin trade (because she took a break back in Daredevil Season 2? Or maybe it was 1.) My biggest gripe at this moment is my wondering when the series will improve past the point of okay. We’ve gone from mediocre to a meh-worthy okay, but I need more than that to maintain my interest.


  • I am a bit confused, but understanding as to why Madame Gao was like, “IRON FIST IS HERE?” It’s easy to lump her into the “She’s a part of The Hand. She should know all” crowd, but people forget that the Meachums didn’t even think Danny Rand was Danny Rand.
  • Please, for the love of God, give Rosario Dawson more to do.
  • Colleen Wing, do not date Danny. It is a trap.
  • Is anyone else wondering if Danny is still a virgin? You know, since he took that vow of chastity?
  • How to get a glowing hand? Don’t have sex, kids.

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