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It took six episodes, but we finally got a really exciting episode of Iron Fist.

The majority of this episode was wrought with tension, creating a sense of urgency that served to electrocute the life into this floundering Marvel series. Fans of the Iron Fist comic character will be able to recognize Danny Rand’s mentor Lei Kung, who makes his live-action appearance in this series. One of the more interesting parts of this episode, Lei Kung mentors Danny mostly through voiceover that only he can hear. However, we do get to physically see him.

Lei Kung’s mentorship serves a dual purpose. His words serve to strengthen Danny, but they also serve as a great distraction for a young man who is full of so much doubt as he battles between being the Iron Fist and reassuming the identity of Danny Rand. We learn that the Iron Fist must singlemindedly pursue The Hand. It doesn’t matter if a civilian’s life is at stake. The Hand must be kept at bay. When Danny Rand makes a decision to save a woman’s life after Madame Gao changes the rules of her duel, the apparition of Lei Kung walks away from Danny with silent

The strongest parts of this episode centered on the duel between Madame Gao’s best fighters and Danny Rand. This is where we were introduced to lesser known comic book characters: Scythe, the Bride of Nine Spiders, and the Veznikov brothers. Scythe and the Bride stole the fight for me personality-wise and fighting-wise. Danny’s moves, althought brilliant, are predictable. And, considering Danny’s immature personality, hearing his opponents point out his character flaws and trying to lure him to his death was just very appealing. The Veznikov brothers, although verbally entertaining, were the weakest fighters to watch. Blood circle of sorcery and all.

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The weakest part of this episode was, again, the Meachums. Although I think the signs of Ward’s inevitable breakdown were in place prior to this episode, the sudden extreme reliance on painkillers leading to a near OD experience and then leading him to breaking his hand in order to get more drugs were a bit out of character. If there had been a better lead up to this particular path for Ward, I would find it more easy to follow. That being said, I do feel sorry for him due to him having seen a decapitated head and him, as any person would do if they had never seen a dead person before, reasonably freaking out while under extreme stress.

My only note for Joy is that I’m preparing to eat the writers for not doing more with her. There’s been no character progression for about three episodes now and so, at this point, she’s just there as filler. Do something else with her please. Also, how did she know which clinic Ward was going to mysteriously appear at? Plot holes, take care of those too, writers.

The biggest “What the potato?” moment happened when Madame Gao reveals to Danny that she’s met other Iron Fists in her lifetime. She also reveals that she has been to K’un Lun and knew his father. This info drop about his father, of course, is probably going to be the only thing that Danny Rand fixates on. Not the fact that he is not fit to be the Iron Fist in either Madame Gao’s or Lei Kun’s eyes, but that she knew his fricking father. Got to hand it to Danny, though. He’s at least predictable in his mindset.

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  • Once again, Colleen Wing and Claire Temple are relegated to sub plots. Le sigh.
  • Are there no other hospitals in the area, Claire? Why you got to take the dying chemist to a hospital that fired you? WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THIS?
  • Madame Gao is a jedi. Force throw.
  • Or she’s more likely the Crane Mother.
  • Also, why did they have to dress the Bride as a typical Dragon Lady trope? I know why cause comics, but WHY?
  • I want a tree that smells like brown sugar now. Blame Madame Gao.


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