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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Recap And Review – Episode 15: ‘Fellowship of the Spear’

It’s official, we owe the entirety of pop culture to the Legends of Tomorrow. After inspiring George Lucas to create Star Wars and create the circumstances that gave life to the legend of King Arthur, you’d think the Legends would take a knee and let history unfold naturally. That’s certainly not the case, not when there are Hobbit sized men to inspire! That’s right, this week’s episode “Fellowship of the Spear” takes right into the heart of WW1 and next the myth himself, J.R.R. Tolkien.


While the “Fellowship of the Spear” may have a B plot that centers around the inspiration of Tolkien, the A plot is all about what to do with the Spear of Destiny. After a fun jaunt into the Reverse Flash’s secret lair at the Vanishing Point, the Legends wind up with a restored Spear. It was a simple scene that really gave us a sense of how strong the team dynamic has become this year. When you consider how much they Legends failed early on, it’s refreshing to see them completely outsmart their speedster nemesis.

Of course, with the season finale looming close, this was only a brief oasis before everything blows up in their face. It seems only logical then, that we follow the Legends to World War I and watch as everything falls apart. The setting was certainly apropos as the Legends try to recruit Tolkien, who served during this bloody conflict. The sheer devastation, even on a small scale, conveyed over the course of an hour as the Legends, with all of their massive powers, could do little to abate the sheer volume of death.

This was an easy tie in to Amaya’s story line as she witnessed the specter of death awaiting the people of Zambezi in the future. Combine that with a newly reconstituted Spear and you have all the ingredients for the Legends to come apart at the seams. This dovetailed into Mick’s story, as he began to question his place inside the Legends. Ever since Leonard Snart died at the end of Season One, Mick has been trying to figure out his role in a team full of heroes. While most would argue that he found it, there have been hints all season long that the Legends trust him, so long as they can control him. So it only makes sense that Snart would be the impetus to make Mick switch sides.

Yeah, Mick goes bad. This isn’t a “Rip Hunter has been brainwashed moment”, but rather someone who put his chips in with a new family and was betrayed. Mick put his chips down on the Legends and in the end they revealed that, despite his best efforts, they still considered him a thug. With no reason to stay with a band of Hypocrites, Mick betrays them at the climax of our story and joins the Legion of Doom.

It was a perfect double cross that rang the bell of Leonard Snart’s official return. The duo of Dominic Pucell and Wentworth Miller was one of the strongest aspects of Season One and the return of Mick/Snart (or as I call them, “Snickt”) was easily this week’s highlight. Not only did it reinvigorate the Legion of Doom, it brought Mick’s character arc to a pretty spectacular crescendo.

With the aide of Tolkien, the Legends find the Blood of Christ, the only substance that can unmake the Spear of Destiny. This led to a lot of Easter eggs involving the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and even the Silmarillion. It was clever, if a bit heavy handed. As the Legends discover the Blood of Christ, the tables are turned as Mick retrieves the Spear for the Legion (two reversal of fortunes in an hour folks!). It’s a  hard moment as we know Mick won’t be able to come back from this. On the other hand though, the Legion is now five strong, far more evenly matched than before. Now, it’s time for a showdown: the slightly depleted Legends versus a reinvigorated Legion.

Who will win?

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