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Legion Ep. 105 Recap & Review – ‘Chapter 5’

Since David (Dan Stevens) has returned to the real world, he’s not been himself. In fact, he’s a little bit changed this week. Not only do we get to find out Lenny’s true nature, but we also learn a crucial piece of information about David’s past. Warning: spoilers ahead!

You could say that David is embracing his powers after more or less teaming up with Lenny by the end of last week’s episode. But with Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) riding his coattails, David is a bit too cocky and self-assured in front of his friends. He’s no longer the twitchy David Haller we once knew, constantly questioning what he really is — crazy, or crazy powerful, or both? This version of David knows exactly how to use his strengths, and he does so with scary precision. While we know his level of mastery now allows David to create a place where he and Syd (Rachel Keller) can interact on a “physical” level without consequences, we can also see through his interactions with Melanie (Jean Smart) that Lenny is doing some of the driving with her hand at the ten position. And there in lies the problem.

David-David creates a seemingly safe place within the astral plane in which he and Syd can be together. But considering what we know about his fragile mind-scape and how the demon lurking inside is able to infiltrate into every nearly crook and cranny of his psyche, this “safe space” is truly anything but. Our first hint are the flies that eat away at the fruit across from David and Syd’s bed. Then we see Lenny taking up residence in the next room where she and David can interact.

For the moment, David is still only interested in freeing his sister Amy (Katie Aselton). With his newfound confidence (thanks to Lenny), David can’t wait for the others to come up with a plan on how to safely infiltrate Division 3. He steals away in the middle of the night on his own and tears through D3 like a hot knife slicing through butter. We don’t see the actual carnage through David/Lenny’s eyes, but we do get a glimpse of what happens when Melanie goes through D3’s security footage. It’s clearly Lenny driving through David’s body at this point when we see him dancing goofily while evaporating D3 guards, or fusing them with the floors. The freakiest part is when the demon actually materializes, replacing its body with David’s so the cameras (and Melanie) can see it too. Among the victims was D3’s presumed leader, who was alive just long enough to tell Syd and Ptonomy (Jeremie Harristhat “we had it all wrong.” They realized way too late what’s really going on with David, but is it too late for Melanie and Syd too?

Cary (Bill Irwin) discovers David’s real situation/condition while going through the data he had already collected during the CT scan. He’s watches the footage of David inside the scanner and sees a “glitch” in the tape, flashing not only an image of the demon but young David as well. It’s here that Cary has a more concrete idea of what’s going on with David.

The demon — and Lenny, and the Angriest Boy, and the dog King — is another person entirely whose consciousness has taken up residence inside David probably since his birth. Unlike Kerry (Amber Midthunder), however, the demon was never born with David at all. Its function is parasitic, feeding off of David somehow and erasing and replacing his memories are erased whenever David starts to remember it — the origin of the glitches. It’s also probable that the demon can make other people forget, but that’s less likely since Syd can not only see the demon and its incarnations, but remember them as well. So in a way…David really is schizophrenic. Mutant style.

By now, I think Legion fans have a clearer idea of who this dark entity might be — Shadow King. Shadow King is an ancient creature that has survived for a millennia preying on other psychics, using their them to do his bidding. In the comics, it seems to have have a unique relationship with the astral plane. In there it can use it’s own set of powers; however, in the physical realm, it can only use the powers of whomever it’s inhabiting. So while technically, it can possess whomever it wants, it’s quite understandable that it prefers psychics like David.

Additionally, we also discover that Amy has been hiding a crucial secret about David, which she has been keeping from him his whole life: David is adopted. Is this where we finally get to tie in the fact that he’s Xavier’s son???


The Summerhill gang (Syd, Melanie, Ptonomy, Cary & Kerry, and the telekinetic who helped rescue David from D3 in the first episode) eventually find David/Lenny, who took Amy to their childhood home. One other person arrives at the scene: The Eye (Mackenzie Gray), who somehow survived David’s attack. That’s probably due to the fact that he might not have been there since he was forced to hoof it back to base at the conclusion of “Chapter 4.” Upon entering the home, all sound gets muted, ramping up the tension to eleven. The sound does return when Lenny appears. That’s right, she makes a physical appearance outside of David’s body. She shows herself only to Amy and Syd in this episode, disappearing as soon as the others enter the room. The Eye barges in as well and fires upon David, but Syd jumps in front and orders David to transport them into their White Room inside the astral plane before the bullets connect. It’s here that we meet the demon in all its disgusting glory. It walks into the room and advances upon a terrified Syd, David incapable of doing anything. At the last moment, everyone is transported back to Clockworks. This time, however, it doesn’t seem this was an actual fight or flight move we’ve seen David use before.

Everyone, including The Eye, is seen as a patient of the institution sitting together in the middle of a group therapy session. The counselor leading the group is none other than Lenny herself. Just how much of this is real and how much is a creation in either David’s mind or in the astral plain? No one seems to realize where they previously were, not even Syd. Judging by her final lines in the episode, it seems as though we’ll finally get down to the nitty gritty of what the hell is going on inside David’s head.

I’m continually amazed at how well Legion is executed. From the storytelling, to the special effects, to the show’s overall cinematic approach, everything has been top notch. It really does feel like you’re watching a 40-miute movie every week.


  • It’s possible that Benny, Lenny, King, the World’s Angriest Boy, and the demon are separate hostile entities, but that’s unlikely.
  • The story about how Syd loses her virginity is just…ookie.
  • I’ve never been so unnerved listening to any rendition of the classic “Rainbow Connection” until watching this episode. David-David uses it to warn Syd about the demon using the song to subtly convey the terror he’s going through. Thanks, Legion. Thanks for that.
  • “He lives in an ice cube.”
  • We find out through Melanie that Oliver has powers similar to David’s. He used to visit the astral plane a lot, spending more and more time there until he just stopped back to reality all together. Hence why he’s in a coma. She took it pretty hard when David said that he barely remembers aspects of his old life anymore. Now that we have a better idea of what the demon is, I wonder if it once approached Oliver as well? Is that why he’s secluded within a giant floating block of ice, where the demon can’t get in? The door was hidden, so maybe…. Is Oliver’s predicament a form of foreshadowing if David continues spending him time within the astral plane himself? It does seem to be his most favorite place in the world at the moment since it’s the only place in which he and Syd can really be together.
  • I hope Lenny transporting everyone to “Clockworks” effectively stops the shootout that began just before Syd and David enter the White Room. We know everything proceeds as normal in the real world while they’re together in the astral plane, meaning that Syd is just delaying her inevitable death to try and tell David that the demon is not another aspect of his fractured mind.
  • Cary builds a kind of head band that might isolate the demon from David long enough to talk to him without resistance.
  • Dr. Kissinger (David Ferry) is acting way a bit more hostile than when we last saw him. I’m less inclined to believe that the psychological torture finally got to him given the short time frame between Episode 4 and 5. Maybe he was a plant to start getting Amy to reveal more information about David.


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