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Legion Ep. 108 Recap & Review – ‘Chapter 8’

Legion wraps up its first season on a cliffhanger of sorts. But before we get to all that, let’s talk about Aubrey Plaza’s performance as the Shadow King.

Holy hell, Plaza has been hitting it out of the park consistently in every episode she has made an appearance. Plaza is the Shadow King. She puts a little of herself into the role rather than merely wearing a mask and adopting over-the-top mannerisms and flourishes. Instead, Plaza takes all the bits of her personality that she’s most known for — dry wit, sarcasm, androgynous behavior, devilish energy — and dials them up to 11. Plaza’s Shadow King is quite the departure from her most memorable role, April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation, and we are absolutely in love with her for it.

In “Chapter 8,” we see that the Shadow King’s “Lenny face” is rapidly deteriorating, and so is his patience. He knows David and Cary plan to extract him from David’s mind. As Lenny, she reaches out to Syd and places the burden of choice on her shoulders. If Cary and gang pull Lenny out, she’ll make sure David will die in the process. That is, unless Syd helps a sister out somehow.

As Lenny points out, she’s a part of David for a very long time. “Have you ever unmade soup?” she asks Syd to drive home the fact that they’ve been part of each other for so long, it’ll be next to impossible to truly separate the both of them. It’s a fitting representation of their current state. Lenny has infused herself into David’s psyche so long that she’s become part of his mental furniture. You can’t exactly lift one part of the dish without taking something else with it as well. The same can be said about Lenny’s melting tar boots sticking to the floors of David’s white room in the astral plane. You can’t pick up tar without also picking up a chunk of what it bonded to.

To go even farther, Syd compares Lenny to a tumor. If tumors detonate, both the tumor and the host dies. Obviously Lenny doesn’t want that happening, so she offers up an alternative. However, that depends entirely upon how Syd decides to help.

At the same time, Division 3 is back. Clark, the man who got burned to hell when the Summerhill gang barged in to save David in the second episode. As we found out last week, Clark did not die. We’re taken through his journey of recover and thirst for payback, but the latter is quashed when he realizes how power David has become since they last saw each other. By the end of the episode, he also finds out that there’s something far worse than David — The Shadow King. He gets a taste of the monster’s power and immediately realizes that it’s better to just work with the mutants than against them.

Can’t say the same for the rest of the organization, however. More on that a little later.

Because of what Lenny says will happen to David if she’s forced out, Syd continues to subvert her friends’ plans by letting Clark in on their next move. She tells him about The Shadow King, what it’s been doing to David, and what it plans to do once it fully takes control of David’s mind and body. Unwittingly, she’s also informing the rest Division 3. Clark has a surveillance device embedded into his bad eye, meaning anyone watching on the other end an hear and see what Clark hears and sees.

When Syd secretly turns on the monitor in the room where Clark is being held, he and D3 are able to watch Melanie and Cary’s attempts to force Lenny out from David. On the outside and in, Lenny refuses to go down without a fit. The extraction starts to kill David, so Syd barges into the room and swaps bodies with him. This, of course, gives Lenny full control of Syd. She then touches Kerry and takes control of her, kicking and punching everyone who gets in her way. It also seems that she can use some of her own power as well.

David somehow got to stay in his body. He comes to and faces against Kerry/Shadow King. They both clash. As a result, David is able to expel Shadow King from Kerry’s body. The monster, however, is able to seek refuge inside Oliver, who had unfortunate timing.

The conclusion of “Chapter 8” serves as a launch pad for a new chapter for Oliver and the Shadow King. Road trip! The two are now working in tandem; Oliver doesn’t seem to be struggling with his new companion at all. Does he know??? They head south at the Shadow King’s request. I wonder what’s next on her agenda.

After a long struggle with a life-long enemy, David is finally free to be his own person, figure out what kind of person he really is. However, he barely has time to take in a deep and satisfying breath as he is abducted by a floating probe, presumably from D3. This whole scene plays out as a post-credits stinger. Poor David. He was so looking forward to see what life would be like without the Shadow King making him crazy.

Legion’s inaugural season has been a phenomenal ride. I already can’t wait what Noah Hawley has in store for us next season. Maybe we’ll actually get to see manifestations of Legion’s many personalities like in the comics.


  • “You’re right—we need to talk.”
  • “The age of dinosaurs is over.”
  • “War is over—if you want it.”
  • Kerry and Cary’s estrangement was brief, thank goodness. We’ve only spent a short time with this pair, but it pained me to see them fighting.
  • Ptonomy is quite the gun fanatic. That or he’s got an itchy trigger finger.
  • Aubrey Plaza must be made of magic because she was workin‘ that armpit hair. Bless this woman.
  • Music used this week: some Pink Floyd, Tony Benett’s “If I Ruled The World,” and “Children Of The Revolution,” by T. Rex.

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