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Review: DC Collectibles BvS Wonder Woman and Bombshells Katana

Review: DC Collectibles BvS Wonder Woman and Bombshells Katana

Review: DC Collectibles BvS Wonder Woman and DC Bombshells Katana

I have a desk full of toys and statues, so I’m pretty much a fan of collecting. Truly, my house looks like a toy store threw up in it. I was pretty psyched to get two new figures to add in from DC Collectibles. If you read the site, you know what a huge fan of Wonder Woman I am. I’ve been psyched for Gal Gadot‘s version of the character since the beginning. You also know the face mapping can be an issue with toys. (Think Belle, from Beauty and the Beast and all the “I fixed it” memes.) The Gal Gadot Wonder Woman statue from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the DC Bombshells Katana statue just arrived and I’ve got a review of both for you.

Review: DC Collectibles BvS Wonder Woman and Bombshells Katana


Here is the official info for the statue by James Marsano: “From the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and DC Collectibles comes this impressively detailed Wonder Woman statue, capturing the warrior demigoddess standing tall and strong atop a Batman v Superman logo base. Sculpted by James Marsano. Measures 13″ tall.”

The face mapping is gorgeous, and she looks strong. (Always something to consider with Wonder Woman statues.) She’s got muscles, the clothing is beautifully textured and her boots are amazing. The price for this is $149.95.

Now, I’ve been a fan of DC Bombshells forever. I have a bunch, but I think this one is my favorite. The leg tattoo probably pushed it over the edge. It’s stunning from all angles. (Note, the left arm comes separately (in the same package), so don’t freak like I did.) It’s all I can do to keep the cat away from that one. (She once tried to eat Catwoman’s fingers off. Catwoman now lives in a display case. Seems ironic.)

Here is the official info for Katana:

“Stoic swordswoman Katana joins the Bombshells with this stunning statue! Part of the DC Bombshells line, inspired by 1940s and ’50s pinups, this 9″ scale statue shows off the deadly warrior in stylish Japanese attire and emphasizes her air of mystery as she shushes her observer. What’s she up to? Why is her sword hidden behind her back? Whose helmet is that at her feet, and exactly how did she get it? With Katana, it’s best to just enjoy this statue and not ask so many questions.”

Katana retails for $129.95.

Review: DC Collectibles BvS Wonder Woman and Bombshells Katana

Seriously, I now want that leg tattoo. So, are these guys on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @LegionofLeia.

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