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Supergirl Ep. 216 Recap & Review - 'Star-Crossed'

Supergirl Ep. 216 Recap & Review – ‘Star-Crossed’

Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the relationships going on in Supergirl right now. I love Alex/Maggie. I have a soft spot for Mon-El as well, but as a pretty boy with the awesome and jokey one-liners. Do the writers really not have anything else for him to do than to be Supergirl’s love interest? They’re cute, don’t get me wrong. I have diabetes now thanks to how sweet they are together — more men need to embrace the awesomeness that are movie musicals. But! Can we not have each storyline fueled but everyone’s relationship status? Please? It was cute in the beginning, but now I’m starting to get a little annoyed by them.

There have been some benefits to Supergirl moving from CBS to The CW. For one, it ensured that Supergirl got a second season. We shifted more and more away from CatCo. and put more focus on the DEO’s new location; we don’t have to feel like we’re ping-ponging from one unrelated storyline to the other. What we lost, however, is the budget for awesome mid-air battles and Cat Grant, the positive female role-model for Kara. Season One focused a lot on Kara’s trying to balance her civilian life with her superhero life. Sure it had its share of unrequited love as a major theme, but moving to The CW seemed to have tripled down the romance. Kara and Mon-El’s relationship fueled much of the drama this season. Then we have everything else with Maggie and Alex, Winn and Lyra, and even J’onn and M’gann (Aw, poor Jimmy Olsen has no one). It’s not just that these relationships exist, it’s that all their being together respectively are somehow key parts to much of the season’s storytelling. No one can go “full-on CW” as Reign or Vampire Diaries, but Supergirl is getting up there.

The other big shift is putting every single main and recurring character in the crime-fighting biz — the same thing The Flash and Arrow have been doing. That’s cool and all, but what happened to the journalism angle? Journalists are literally the watchdogs of the government, and so on. You mean to tell me there aren’t shady dealings going on inside the Mayor’s office? No taking advantage of the alien refugees? No disgruntled humans complaining about aliens terkin’ der jerbs? C’mon, CW…c’mon. Supergirl can’t always fight super-humans and aliens. Sometimes she’s gotta fight policy.

And how dare you tease us with getting the super friends (Kara, Winn, Jimmy) back together and then rip it away from us with stupid boy drama?!

This week Supergirl centers on not one, but two of our show’s main couples: Kara and Mon-El, and Winn and Lyra.

Supergirl Ep. 216 Recap & Review - 'Star-Crossed'

While the DEO deal with the incoming of alien invaders, Winn sneaks off with Lyra to have crazy hot museum sex in National City’s art museum. The next day, Maggie calls Winn in for questioning. Turns out that a Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” was stolen and only Winn is seen on the museum’s security cameras. Lyra’s alien powers allow her not to be seen on camera. Convenient. Alex and Jimmy team up to find Lyra and bring her in. When they do find her, we later discover that she’s been conning and lying her way through many art museums for some time so she can pay off the debt her brother accrued with a dangerous smuggling ring. Sweet, summer child Winn still sees the good in his con-artist, art-thieving girlfriend and decides to help her out. They succeed at saving the day, and all goes back to the way it was between them.

Winn saw through all her lying, gave her the benefit of the doubt, found her good intentions, and had enough heart to forgive her. If anything he’s learned something new about her, and she him. Kara could learn a thing or two and then apply it to what she’s dealing with.

When it comes to Daxam, there’s still a hint of prejudice residing inside Kara. That prejudice was set aside the more time she spent with Mon-El, but we know now that never really left. The alien invaders I mentioned earlier are actually Mon-El’s parents, the king and queen of Daxam. When Kara realizes that Mon-El is the prince, all of her hate for Daxam and its culture comes flooding back. Suddenly, Kara has a problem with Mon-El again because he was part of the problem. Actually, the writers handled this one pretty well. They didn’t fall back on the ol’ “I’m not mad about this, but I am mad that you lied about it” thing. She’s clearly made about Mon-El lying to her, but she’s more angry over the fact that Mon-El played an active part in Daxam’s despicable and corrupt system. He may not have liked how other Daxamites were being treated, but it’s not like he bothered to take steps in improving their situation either. That’s what she has a problem with.

At the same time, she doesn’t really take into consideration his wanting to reform and start over. It may even be the real reason why Mon-El was drawn to heroism. It’s not like he had the means to see if Daxam was still there or that more of his people, including the royal family, survived. There is a bit of an interesting scenario Teri Hatcher presents to Kara concerning Mon-El, however. He can help rebuild of Daxam, which is still intact and sort of livable again. Then again, Mon-El has a severe lack of leadership skills and is more likely to just become a the face of the rebuild rather than play an integral part in its reform. His parents, already so set in their ways, are more than likely to steer him right back to the old system in which they thrived and others suffered. Either way, Kara just doesn’t want any part of this…new deal and breaks up with Mon-El.

Mon-El himself sees where Kara is coming from and, while he hates that there can be no reconciliation (for now), accepts the breakup. Even though he has nothing to tying him down to Earth anymore, he still refuses to return to Daxam. He considers Earth his home now and he still wants to be a hero.

Supergirl Ep. 216 Recap & Review - 'Star-Crossed'

In the show’s final moment’s, the DEO brings in a new prisoner. Music Meister (Darren Criss). He intentionally got himself caught so he can steal Superpgirl’s inter-dimensional device that Cisco gave to her from the winter crossover. He subdues Kara with his powers and jumps to Earth-1 to take on the Fastest Man Alive. Kara faints and then finds herself in a 1920’s style setting. We’ll find out just how good Supergirl’s pipes are on The Flash tonight at 8 PM EST. It’s gonna be a mini Glee reunion!


  • Supergirl: “I’m always careful.”
    Mon-El: “I respectfully disagree!”
  • We’re not going to see Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher interact with one another, are we?
  • The flashback to Mon-El’s escape from Daxam is totally different than what we saw in “Survivors.”
  • Poor unnamed Daxam bedmate….
  • This whole Twitter thread by Supergirl comic book writer, Sterling Gates. Can we please go back to this version of Supergirl?

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