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The Brand New Wonder Woman Trailer is Finally Here!

The Brand New Wonder Woman Trailer is Finally Here!

The brand new trailer for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Wonder Woman has finally dropped after much anticipation. Star of the film, Gal Gadot, released the fourth trailer via Twitter, saying “Welcome to Themyscria. I am proud to present the NEW trailer for #WonderWoman!”

In this trailer, we’re introduced to a young Princess Diana, with a fiery look already in her eyes. We get an extended look at life on Themyscira where Diana is trained by Antiope (Robin Wright) harder than any other warrior on the island. You can also hear Hippolyta’s voice saying that Diana must not know what she really is.

Diana has had her background changed the most out of all the top-tiered super heroes of the DC Universe. The most enduring story of her origin is that she was made from clay by Queen Hippolyta and given life by the gods. Since the 2011 DC Comics relaunch of all their titles, Diana’s origin changed again. Instead of being born from clay, she was given a natural birth. The baby daddy? Zeus himself. That guy never could keep it in his pants. I wonder if they will be going this route because it would be really cool if she got to fight Ares himself in the next movie so she can seize the title of Goddess of War (Yes, that really happens in the comics).

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