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‘We’re Planning a June Wedding’…one of the first things that Caroline Forbes ever said about the mysterious town newcomer Stefan Salvatore. Little did she know that one day she would have the perfect and beautiful wedding she always planned, with none other than that younger Salvatore. However, there’s a catch, seems her perfect day may not have ever considered being the perfect trap for Hell’s newest Queen!

So, with such short notice, this wedding may not exactly be happening in June…but I don’t think there’s more appropriate a person to a plan a wedding in less than 48 hours, than Caroline! But before all of this, we have to get to the point of the wedding. Because we all know Stefan and Caroline broke up and made back up in essentially the course of a few days. So why is there a wedding all of a sudden?

….To lure Katherine Pierce out of course!

With access to Salvatore world, the last thing that could ever make Katherine stay in hell would be the love of her demented life celebrating the happiest day of his. But plans have to be placed in motion and one of those (thanks, Dorian!) include creating a weapon out of Katherine’s bones….super easy, her carcass is still residing somewhere in Mystic Falls. Then it’s Damon who has the bright idea of using a wedding to lure her out. Now the Vampire squad is armed with a possible weapon and the PERFECT way to drag out the Queen Narcissist!

Ohh, but back to the start of the episode! We have a lovely young and petite woman walking through the town square, we never seen her face, but she kills an innocent bystander in a pretty reminiscent way. Is this Katherine? DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!!!!!

Whether it’s Katherine or not another brunette has made her way back into town; Kelly Donovan. That’s right Matt Donovan‘s mom has returned to Mystic Falls and for some reason is hanging out with ol’abandon the kids daddy. Seems she’s interested in making up for lost time with her son, but it turns out though there is more to her return than meets the eye. Turns out she didn’t just return to Mystic Falls for the hell of it…(hahahaha get it!) If her coughing up blood in the bathroom and murdering a bar patron is any indication of her health, then she just returned from hell. Guess all the Donovan ladies are dead.

Onto the wedding planning bandwagon, it seems that no matter how perfect this lure is Caroline isn’t super thrilled about her wedding being hijacked. Meh, whatever she still seems to have the whole thing planned and turned around in a day (I’ve planned a wedding…I think my suspension of disbelief has finally wavered). Though even with having the chance to marry her perfect guy she’s incredibly upset by Bonnie refusing to be there, her mom being dead, her daughters being unable to attend, and ohh yeah a comatose best friend. At this point I’m not even sure how many people are going to be filling that massive tent she managed to wrangle onto the Lockwood property….(umm isn’t it morbid that stuff still happens there? does this place have a caretaker or something?)

But back to the real, amazing fun of the episode…hunting down Katherine’s bones!

“The woman that started this whole mess, is back to finish it all!” In the words of our infamous Damon Salvatore…the reason why Katherine Pierce is back to end the series. She’s the one who kickstarted everyone’s problems…“Ripper sprees, the Originals, the cure, Silas, the Other Side, Prison worlds, Gemini twins, Heretics, and don’t get me started on doppelgangers…” Turns out she can’t even let the devil have all the fun, so it’s fitting that Nina Dobrev’s beautiful rendition of an evil psychopath is the one to close the chapter on our favorite Mystic Falls residents. However, I have to take this moment to reiterate how perfect (and now likely this is my favorite scene…EVER) Damon is when he uses Katherine’s skull to mock everything that has every happened to the brothers. Then he whips out the whiskey and him and Stefan have a bachelor party over the grave of their dead first love….how utterly fitting!

Turns out, though, human Stefan is a massive lightweight. Damon has to return his brother home and leave him with a puke bucket and couch napping. But this turns out for the best because Damon can’t just have all the fun with his brother. He needs some quality time with the newest (well, almost) Salvatore. So, Damon and Caroline become drinking buddies in the greenhouse, where they share stories, reveal fears, and give the best damn toast to Liz Forbes they can come up with. In the sweetest twist, though, Damon gives Caroline her ‘something borrowed,’ and it’s Elena’s necklace. He DEFINITELY wants it back when she’s married but in the meantime, it’s a way for Elena to be there for Caroline on her big day.

Even though every moment of this episode is some type of goodbye and beautiful flashbacks to the past seven season, we still have to have the big bad making their moves….so Kelly Donovan is apparently Katherine’s pawn, and she sets out to find the dagger. This just results in Daddy Donovan getting killed. He’s already passed on the dagger and Kelly needs to keep her foot firmly in the land of the living for the moment. Bye, bye to an essentially useless character arc.

In the psychic land of NOT useless characters, Enzo gives Bonnie a visit while she’s leaving a wedding gift for Caroline. In their little moment together he convinces her to attend the wedding because Stefan is no longer the person who killed him.* She tries to deny it and stay in the land of misery, but Enzo tells her that she won’t lose him if she feels happiness. That she isn’t tied to him through pain, and that magic is binding him to her. Let’s all hope this is some type of foreshadowing for Bonnie being all powerful and badass again! Yet, knowing that Elena returns in the final episode (we’ve all seen the trailers and Instagrams!) let’s also hope this isn’t some forewarning of her death.

Ok, so let’s step out of the land of foreboding and ONWARD TO THE WEDDING!!!! Because we all know weddings go so swimmingly in The Vampire Diaries. OH. MY. GOD. This episode has so many slow motion moments it’s almost heartbreaking; the end is so near. However, the wedding of Stefan and Caroline is nearly perfect. Her walking down the aisle, Bonnie showing up to be her maid of honor, and most of the town compelled to attend… and of course Alaric’s voice over. Ric in his heartache over Caroline gives Dorian a little lesson in how our Vampire squad came to be and it’s an incredibly touching tribute to everyone being a family…no matter the murder and mayhem!

Surprisingly, other than Caroline’s something blue (a cameo necklace) which turns out to be from Katherine, the estranged Doppelganger keeps her plot absent from the ceremony. She’s there, of course, lurking behind a bush, and letting Kelly do her dirty work. But Katherine LETS STEFAN GET MARRIED! Ohh the spectacle is soo pretty!

On the topic of spectacles, the wedding gets as far as the toasts before Kelly Donovan has to interject. See she’s placed propane tank into a fire inside the house, and while waiting for it to explode she decided to provide the audience with the drunk ‘Aunt’ speech. Here’s the real twist: Katherine wanted the Salvatores distracted, so she let the wedding continue. The real trick up her sleeve was wanting to rain hellfire down on Mystic Falls. Starting with blowing up the Lockwood Mansion with Bonnie and Caroline’s girls inside.

Luckily, Enzo was right and the girls can siphon magic from Bonnie. Enzo appears again to Bonnie and tells her to believe and show the little girls the way, and so she teaches them a spell that can put the fire out. So they all escape, but it turns out that even that was a distraction. Katherine can open the gates of hell with the ringing of the Maxwell bell, but neither Matt nor his father (who is luckily still alive) would ever concede to that. Guess it’s a good thing that Matt wasn’t any only child….

Vicki Donovan‘s back from hell!

Turns out the petite brunette from the beginning of the episode wasn’t Katherine or Kelly, but instead, it’s the long lost Vicki Donovan. As she starts the process to bring hellfire to earth Kelly loses her hold on this plane, Damon and Matt freak out, and Bonnie collapses in front of Stefan.

One more to go…

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*Side note: Stefan…Mr. Hero hair….why the eff does everyone always believe that Ripper Stefan is a completely different person, so he gets a complete pass on all his horrific crimes? BUT Damon is the same person good or evil!



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