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Warner Bros. Wants to Relaunch The Matrix Series...Why?

Warner Bros. Wants to Relaunch The Matrix Series…Why?

According to The Hollywood Reporterthere’s speculation that Warner Bros. is looking into relaunching The Matrix. The key word here is “relaunching.” It might not be a direct sequel or a complete reboot (where the story is retold with an all-new cast). Either direction is still possible since nothing is written in stone at the moment.

THR also adds that WB is eyeing Creed star Michael B. Jordan to play the lead. This lends to the thought that The Matrix might get a reboot since the role of Neo was, at one point, going to be a black character before Keanu Reeves was cast. Then again, that’s just speculation. Alternatively, WB could be considering expanding The Matrix universe, kind of like what The Animatrix (and Enter the Matrix) did. At the end of The Matrix Revolutions, we see the Architect and the Oracle walking alongside each other, pondering how long the truce between the machines and the humans will last. This would be a great time to revamp and relaunch that Matrix MMO right about now….

X-Men writer Zak Penn is said to be working on a draft, but the Wachowski sisters don’t seem to be involved presently. The direct sequels to The Matrix received mix reviews, but their spin-offs had a strong run — except maybe the video games, but for more technical reasons than narrative. It just wouldn’t feel right without the Wachowskis involved in some way, though.

There was an idea to adapt The Matrix as a television series, but that seemed to have been nixed.

Warner Bros. has declined to make a comment so far, but what do you think? Would you like to see more of The Matrix? Which would you prefer, a reboot, a sequel, or a relaunch with spin-off movies that expand the series?

Source: Nerdist

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