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Check out 100 Star Wars Vehicles in Honor of Star Wars Celebration

With everyone ramped up for Star Wars Celebration, it can be easy to get lost within all the information that’s being blasted out on the Internet. This is where guides come in handy. Title Max brought us a great picture guide in their article discussing the top 100 relevant Star Wars vehicles used in a galaxy far, far, away.

What I found most useful from the article was how Bonnie Gringer broke down the thematic designs between the First Order/Galactic Empire and the Resistance/Rebellion/Jedi aka the bad and good guys:

For those non-Jedi and non-Sith out there, let’s introduce some important themes carried through the designs of the Star Wars ships. Because Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was based on many myths and classic melodramas, there are some classically “evil” and classically “good” groups of fighters. The “bad” guys like the First Order and Galactic Empire often use TIE fighters (which stand for “twin ion engines” but really just reminded Lucas of a bow tie), Star Destroyers, and superweapons like the Death Star and Starkiller Base. (Bad guys typically like to blow stuff up, as a rule.) Their ships are typically dominant, imposing, gray, and shaped with harsh angles.

Conversely, the “good” guys like the Resistance, Rebellion, and Jedi order have a rag-tag, disjointed fleet of colorful and random vehicles. The most famous, the X-wing, though many are nostalgic for other types like the Y-wing and A-wing. There is also the middle ground: lots of pirates, merchants, and thieves that are on neither side of the war. Their ships can get most unusual.

via TitleMax

I’ll admit that I have never been the go-to gal for anything vehicle related and have always differentiated the vehicles between shiny and not-so-shiny groups. The guide above and the article are great tools to help the uninformed or, in my case, the easily distracted figure out what is what vehicle-wise in the Star Wars universe.

You can take a full look at the guide below. What do you think? Is it useful? Does it get you even more excited for Star Wars Celebration? Make sure you go take a gander at TitleMax’s article here to get more helpful information surrounding these vehicles.

Credit: PixlParade/TitleMax

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