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We Chat With The Bye Bye Man Director Stacy Title and Writer Jonathan Penner

We Chat With The Bye Bye Man Director Stacy Title and Writer Jonathan Penner

As if it wasn’t messed up enough, now you can see director Stacy Title, writer Jonathan Penner, producer Trevor Macy and special effects makeup artist Robert Kurtzman’s most complete vision of The Bye Bye Man, with the new unrated release now on Blu-ray. We got a chance to sit down with Title (who has been a guest on the Legion of Leia podcast) and Penner to chat about your new nightmare. They talked about changes, the mythology and the make-up.

Legion of Leia: As the palest black chick ever, one thing that stuck out about your inspiration for The Bye Bye Man is him being an albino African-American man. Is that something we are going to get to explore in this unrated cut?

Stacy Title: No you’re not getting that. That was part of how we wanted him to look. That’s what was why we had him look that way. Because you know what happens in Africa, it’s terrible. They think albinos are like demons, and they torture them. And we, you know, wanted to create that look. You know, if we get the chance to do some more, we will probably explore that more. Its a very interesting reason to torture someone.

Legion of Leia: The color scales and how people are treated in the African community is such an interesting thing, so when I heard that I was like, I want to know more.

Stacy Title: Exactly. And the fact that they dispose of his body by dumping him on a train. What a scary thing!

Jonathan PennerCutting his tongue off, cutting his dick off, burning his eyes out, making him kill his own dog. Setting him on fire.

Legion of Leia: So its really a lynching.

Trevor Macy: Yeah basically, and that’s what’s sort of teased out. We developed that story in a way to develop that character, but its absolute roots are in the short story (“The Bridge to Body Island” by Robert Damon Schneck).

We Chat With The Bye Bye Man Director Stacy Title and Writer Jonathan Penner


Legion of Leia: Were there inspirations your drew from?

Robert Kurtzman: Yeah. Mainly from Doug Jones himself. I was saying this before; Doug has such a great bone structure that I started sculpting it,  and Aaron Sims did some initial concept work, using that as a stepping stone. I was able to go through everybody’s notes and did a couple variations on it. I did two or three variations, and then it kind of progressed into what we have now. We knew that we wanted something creepy and skinny and lanky, so I extended his fingers and tried to go for a more Nosferatu feel to it. And originally he had ears on it…I made them almost like scar tissue, like they were cut off and grew back, you know. We did the first test with contacts, with totally fogged-over eyes, but then he couldn’t see. And so, after we shot the test, I said, what if he has a scar going through his eye, so I’m able to leave part of his pupil in there, so he could see, and so that’s how that happened. And then I accentuated the cut so it looks like he got cut. So it just evolved.

We Chat With The Bye Bye Man Director Stacy Title and Writer Jonathan Penner

The Bye Bye Man unrated cut is here and it’s about to take you deeper into the madness!

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