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Riverdale Ep. 110 Recap & Review - 'Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend'

Riverdale Ep. 110 Recap & Review – ‘Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend’

There’s a lot of unpack from this week’s Jughead-centric episode of Riverdale. Archie is dealing with the finality of his parents’ divorce. Chuck returns from his suspension after the sexual harassment of his fellow female students, causing Betty to tailspin closer her dark side again. Veronica has to decide whether or not to give a good character statement about her father. At the center of it all is Jughead. It’s his birthday in this episode, but he’s not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of celebrating.

“Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” deals more with the kids this week than the adults. While the parents of Riverdale sort of have it all figured out the kids are trying to not only learn from their mistakes, but they’re also trying to figure themselves out. That’s a little tricky when you’re a teen dealing with emotion-flipping hormones, sex, murder, and high school drama. Of course, I’m talking about the cheerleading dance number we were forced to witness.

Like…what am I even looking at here? In all seriousness, “The Lost Weekend” is a teen-splosion of high-running emotions about to boil over. Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) were the clear standouts during the first half of the season, but I’m beginning to notice a shift in the spotlight as it moves on over to Jughead. That could spell trouble for the angsty loner who suspiciously has no love for burgers. Especially since, by mere association, seems to be connected to every aspect of Riverdale’s mystery in some way. This week’s episode uses Jug’s birthday party as a sort of stage to unpack some of the more suspicious goings on that we may have forgotten by now.

Archie (K.J. Apa) spills the beans to Betty that it’s Jughead’s birthday. This starts out as nothing more than a gesture, a looking out for his bro by allowing the girlfriend to partake in Jughead’s low-key birthday tradition rather than Archie himself. However, Betty takes it upon herself to do the “good girlfriend” thing and invite inner circle friends for a surprise birthday party. She does this despite Archie’s protests, but even he is invulnerable to her pushiness. Betty even goes as far as to convince F.P. (Skeet Ulrich) to drop by and say hello.

As I said before, Jughead’s birthday party becomes a centerpiece for all that’s happening to our other characters. It becomes a venue in which everyone’s pent up anger, sadness, and whatever else lashes out and exposes everyone’s dirty laundry. More on that last part a later.

Archie, who is surprisingly the most normal out of everyone, is dealing his feelings on his parents’ divorce. It’s not like he really wants them to get back together, but the finally of it all rattles him. He spirals a little leading up to and at Jughead’s party. When Cheryl and Chuck, and about half the people in their school, crash the party, Archie tries and fails miserably to talk to Valerie. She’s still angry with him. After that he retreats up to his room and drunk calls his dad, telling him not to sign the divorce papers.

Veronica, after the last episode, refuses to make a statement that would benefit her father in court. In retaliation, Hiram threatens Veronica in a letter saying that if she does not cooperate, the situation could become even more dire and pull down Hermione as well. Furthermore, after having learned that Clifford and Penelope Blossom were the reasons why Hiram is in jail, Veronica does a little sleuthing and finds out that the Blossoms have been paying the Lodges significant amounts of money for about 75 years. For whatever reason, Clifford and Penelope stopped paying a few months ago, the same time Hiram was sent to jail. So now she is doubly conflicted about her current situation. If she implicates the Blossoms as part of her testimony against Hiram, she might also be accusing her possibly innocent mother for the murder of Jason Blossom.

Betty’s anger issues resurface when Chuck returns to school, but she doesn’t want Jughead to know how much she’s hurting. Instead she preoccupies herself with the planning of her boyfriend’s party. It of course blows up in her face. She didn’t listen to Archie’s warnings, nor did she bother to ask why Jughead hates his birthday before throwing a party for him. Jughead’s anger levels reach an all-time high, making us think he was already on his way to breaking up with her if F.P. hadn’t given him genuine fatherly advice.

Which brings us back to the party itself. Cheryl was unceremoniously dethroned as leader of the cheerleading squad by Veronica (see ultimate white girl dance-off video above). As payback she and Chuck…throw a rager at Archie’s house? Okay.

Riverdale Ep. 110 Recap & Review - 'Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend'

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Her ultimate evil plan doesn’t actually happen until everyone is nice and toasty enough to unveil dirty little secrets. Well, some are more plausible accusations than secrets, with the exception of Chuck’s secret about Betty. It’s here that everyone finds out that Betty has a dissociative dark side, that Archie likely had an affair with Ms. Grundy, and that Cheryl (thanks to Veronica’s little clap-back) likely longed for twin-cest with her late brother Jason. In fact, Veronica goes as far as accusing her of killing Jason because he thought her love for him was going too far. Veronica’s accusation is, of course, just a nasty throwback to give Cheryl a taste of her own medicine. That said, I’m glad we’re not the only ones who noticed Cheryl’s creepy infatuation with her dead brother.

The game goes a little too far when Chuck moves to Jughead, who’s still talking about his encounter with Betty. Jughead slugs him and a fight breaks out. F.P. stops brawl and throws everyone out of the house. Jughead is about to leave himself when F.P. stops him. Chuck ripped Betty a new one in front of their classmates, and she needs a little support from her boyfriend. Despite having torn Betty apart himself, he goes back to actually talk with her.

As the party winds down, we’re given some resolutions from each of our characters. Archie and Veronica commiserate about their own family dramas and hook up. She sleeps over (Archie was gentlemanly enough to sleep on the floor while she took the bed), effectively breaking the pact she made with Betty at the beginning of the series. Jughead finds out, but reassures her that he won’t tell anyone anything. As for Jughead and Betty, they make up at Pop’s Diner. She reveals to him her palms still scarred from when she made her fists a little too tight that her fingernails broke the skin.

Riverdale Ep. 110 Recap & Review - 'Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend'

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Going back to Veronica, she decides to make a positive statement about her father to protect Hermione. As a thank you, Hiram sends her another necklace of pearls. I wonder if she’ll wear this one knowing what she knows now? Veronica goes a step farther and decides to join Betty in her investigation into Jason’s murder. She knows her father has something to do with it, but she needs evidence. Hopefully, whatever they find might save Hermione from Hiram’s inevitable wrath.

While we’re on the topic of the investigation, Joaquin, Kevin’s boyfriend and double agent for the Southside Serpents, overhears the others talking about the Blossoms’ role in putting Hiram in prison. He conveys this to F.P. at the party who makes a comment that the kids are more on the ball than even the sheriff. How involved is F.P. in all of this???


  • It kind of makes me sad that Jughead doesn’t really embrace his weirdness. Just by listening to how he describes himself while yelling at Betty makes me think he’s more tolerant of his quirks than accepting of it.
  • Jughead even takes a potshot at his hat. I love the hat! Put it back on, mister!
  • We find out that Archie’s mom left two years ago. She wanted to leave Riverdale, but Fred did not. Archie was forced to choose which parent with whom to live and he chose Fred.
  • Hey look, it’s Molly Ringwald playing Archie’s mom!
  • We learn through a confrontation with F.P. that Alice Cooper used to be a Southside Snake. That explains her venomous personality. Get it? I’m not sorry for that comment.
  • “Dilton Doiley’s a psychopath. Everybody knows that.”
  • I usually hate looking up pieces of clothing worn on TV shows. It’s depressing to discover how expensive they really are. You want to really hate yourself? Go look up what the snazzy outfits over at Girl Meets World, a show about average pre-teens. Betty’s crown sweater is no different, sad to say. You can find the exact one at Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s sold out now, but it was about $200.

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