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Rogue One's John Knoll 'Tinkering' With a New Star Wars Idea

Courtesy of Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm Ltd.

Rogue One’s John Knoll ‘Tinkering’ With a New Star Wars Idea

Industrial Light & Magic’s John Knoll served as the visual effects supervisor on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story during production. He’s also the guy who conceived the film’s original story. Now he’s at it again, telling Hollywood Reporter that he’s currently “tinkering” with another idea for the Star Wars cinematic series.

“I have another idea I’ve been tinkering with,” he said after participating on a Rogue One Super Session during the National Association of Broadcasters Show. “It’s maybe 75 percent there. I haven’t pitched it to [Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy]. It’s another Star Wars thing.”

We can’t wait to hear what it is. After the overall success of Rogue One, we’ll all be interested what Knoll has up his sleeve next.

There are other Star Wars films already in the works such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi opening in December, a Han Solo film due out in 2018, Star Wars: Episode IX scheduled for 2019, and an untitled anthology film planned for 2020. The latter is obviously a placeholder date that is subject to change as time goes by. But if Knoll’s idea is “75 percent there,” could his idea come to fruition in less than three years?

“There’s no reason to think Disney is going to stop wanting to make Star Wars movies if there’s quality and there’s interest,” Knoll reasoned. “It has unlimited potential. It has a huge number of characters, worlds … It’s a massive playground.”

What sort of Star Wars anthology film would you like to see in the coming years? Personally, we’d love to see Mara Jade make her film debut in Star Wars. She’s only ever appeared in the books, which are now no longer considered canon. She’s too iconic and too much of a bad ass to ignore her for much longer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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