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American Pods: An American Gods Podcast, Ep. 4 - Dead Wife

American Pods: An American Gods Podcast, Ep. 4 – Dead Wife

Episode 4 of American Pods: An American Gods Podcast is here!

Join me, assistant editor Christina Janke, hosts of Shauncastic‘s “B.S. Hour” Shaun Rosado & Brittney, and “Sweet summer child” Mike as we sit down and talk about our new favorite show, American Gods.

This week the gang and I talk about Episode 4, “Git Gone,” a very Laura-heavy episode. One note: Brittney realized that she incorrectly assumed that Emily Browning is British (she’s actually Australian), but never got to correct herself.

Be sure to check back here at Legion of Leia every Monday for a new episode. Also, we will still post a recap and review of Starz’s American Gods. If you’re more the reading type, or you’re in a place where you can’t play a podcast right now, we got you covered.

American Gods also now has a Represent campaign! The cast has partnered with Represent to design official limited edition tees of their characters in support of their favorite charities. Check back each weekend through the rest of the season for a new character tee and the corresponding charity or charities.

American Pods is a weekly podcast where I and a panel of co-hosts talk about the Starz Original Series American Gods. The show airs Sundays at 9PM E/P on Starz.

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Christina E. Janke

Christina is the co-host of “Intro to Geek” on Shauncastic and Editor-in-Chief at Agents of Geek. Her love of all things Mass Effect knows no bounds. She also carries an obsession with comic books, video games, and quirky television shows. Her heroes are Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Gail Simone. She hopes to be just like them when she grows up.

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  • First time listener! Loved it! And I love that there are non-book readers on the show with their take. Keep it up!

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