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Game of Thrones, Emilia Clark as Daenerys Targaryen and a Dragon

New Game of Thrones Season 7 Photos Released

In an exclusive by Entertainment Weekly, we get to see a fresh new look at HBO’s upcoming Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

To be honest, the photo out of the bunch that really makes me extraordinarily happy is a fully grown Drogon engaging in warfare. Things are going to get crazy now that Daenerys is truly entering the battle for Westeros. We were warned ahead of time via EW about how huge the dragons would be, but to actually see the rendering definitely helps cement the visual for it.

And, just in case, you can’t remember what the size dimensions were going to be for the dragons this season, here is the direct quote:

“The dragons this year are the size of 747s,” director Matt Shakman previously told EW. “Drogon is the biggest of the bunch — his flame is 30-feet in diameter!”

via EW

Last season we saw Cersei ascending to the throne now that her children are all dead. Daenerys  took off with her dragons and her army towards Westeros. And, as we’ve known for awhile now, the Night King is getting ready to head South to wage a battle for supremacy over Seven Kingdoms. Considering we don’t have much time left for the series, loose ends are going to be wrapped up in a big way with this upcoming season.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere this summer on July 16, 2017.

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