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The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas is making the rounds on the internet due to their announcement of a one-night Women-Only screening of Wonder Woman.

Now, to those of us who are reasonable people, this doesn’t sound like such a huge issue. I mean, Wonder Woman has been one of the primary superhero icons for women for 75 years. We are just now getting a Wonder Woman movie after 75 years of the character’s existence. To have one night where women can come together and celebrate the premiere of Wonder Woman’s first movie makes perfect sense.

However, in a predictable fashion, some men got butthurt over the fact that for one night only, the Alamo Drafthouse wasn’t going to exclude them from seeing Wonder Woman.

Upon hearing about this women-only showing, men stormed to the Alamo Drafthouse’s Facebook to complain about how sexist the event was. Some complained about how the Alamo Drafthouse didn’t hold any men-only screenings, saying that it was discrimination against men for excluding them. Mind you, this is for a one-night event.

Here are some samples taken from their Facebook page. Due to the fact that I don’t have enough energy to shame people today, I’m cutting out their names:

“Very tacky Alamo. I’m all for equality and having a screening specifically stating it is not inclusive to everyone, is against equality. I’m not saying Alamo did this intentionally, but it is still just wrong”

“I’ll pay for the tickets of the first 5 large, burly, bearded veterans who walk in there to see the movie and say they identify women and demand to see it…
It’s a two way street”

“Apparently “equality” is only selective nowadays…. How about a “men’s only” showing of a movie or is that not how equality works?”

I could go on and on with these. All of the complaints from men have surrounded around being butthurt about there not being men’s only showings. It doesn’t matter that Wonder Woman has been a female icon since 1940. It doesn’t matter that this is the first time ever that Wonder Woman is getting a film. What matters is that for one night only, they are being excluded from seeing a film that some have already written off as being for women anyway.

The staff manning the Alamo Drafthouse page has had great fun in responding to some of these eye-rolling comments. My favorite one from them so far was directed towards an individual who demanded that they start showing male-only screenings of Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc. I think this response sums up the purpose for WHY this establishment created this event in the first place:

Very sorry if you feel excluded. We thought it might be kinda fun — for one screening — to celebrate a character who’s meant a great deal to women for close to eight decades. Again, truly, truly, truly, truly sorry that we’ve offended you.

Since this controversy started the Alamo Drafthouse has added a second screening, which is now sold out. I am immensely proud that, instead of bowing to pressure, that the Alamo Drafthouse has stood its ground on why they are holding these screenings. Wonder Woman deserves to be celebrated by those who will truly appreciate her and understand the purpose of the character’s creation.

If you are going to complain because you are being excluded from a screening for one night, you are missing the true purpose behind the character and what she stands for.

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