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Neill Blomkamp Teases Experimental Film Series, Oats: Volume 1

Neill Blomkamp Teases Experimental Film Series, Oats: Volume 1

Director Neill Blomkamp is testing the waters in how we consume movies. To be more specific, he’s taking on a venture to see how far down the streaming rabbit hole are we willing to dive for the sake of a visually striking and interesting story. Enter Oats Studios, Blomkamp’s newest endeavor. The director of District 9, Elysium, and Chappie just released a teaser trailer for some of the studio’s upcoming projects, which are expected to be released on Steam in the next few months.

Oats: Volume 1 is a collection of short, experimental films that all look to be steeped in science fiction. The trailer (below) opens with a ground-up show of the Eiffel Tower which it has been completely taken over by plant growth. A voiceover explains that aliens have arrived on Earth to exterminate its human inhabitants. We’re then taken to a series of action-packed scenes with major a End of Days (secular) vibe. Plus, lots of cool aliens. (Probably to make up for the Alien movie he had wanted to make).

This is our first official look at what Oats Studios is working on after month of Blomkamp dropping hints over Twitter and Instagram. Back in April he asked if people would be interested in buying films from Steam, PC gamers’ main stop to buy video games from triple-A to independent game developers.

While many of us know Blomkamp from his previous three feature films, the South African director got his start with short films such as Alive in Joburg (which later became District 9) and Landfallwhich he made for original Halo developers Bungie.

There is no specific release date at the moment. All we know is that Oats: Volume 1 will be coming soon. Either way, I look forward to seeing what Blomkamp has in store for us.

Source: The Verge

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