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Netflix's The Defenders Teases the Return of Elektra

Netflix's The Defenders Teases the Return of Elektra

Netflix’s The Defenders Teases the Return of Elektra

Netflix released a 15-second teaser today, hinting that a certain sai-wielding ninja assassin named Elektra is coming back from the dead. “Oh, great,” said the tweet that revealed the video. Something tells us that a reunion with Daredevil may be a bloody one. You can take a look of the teaser, combined with original teaser of The Defenders, in the video below.

Last we saw Elektra (Elodie Yung), her body was being entombed inside a large stone coffin. The Hand is currently in possession of her corpse. We still don’t really know what they intend to do with Elektra…well, okay, that’s not exactly true. The Hand loves bringing back some of their best assets (ahem, Nobu) from the dead. Why wouldn’t they they do the same for (a more obedient) Elektra? After all, she is also their weapon known as “Black Sky.” Whatever that really means….

We don’t get much from the teaser, but it’s enough. We see the same stone coffin Elektra was stored in, and people pouring blood into an opening. Some time later, the lid of the coffin moves.

The tweet’s “Oh, great” doesn’t present a wholly positive tone. While we the audience may be glad to see Elektra again, her return may spell out something a bit more dangerous for our four heroes.

The Defenders debuts on Netflix August 18, 2017.

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