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Orlando Jones Gets Sh*t Done as Mr. Nancy on American Gods

Orlando Jones Gets Sh*t Done as Mr. Nancy on American Gods

In a new preview of the Starz Original Series American Gods, we catch a glimpse of Orlando Jones playing the enigmatic Mr. Nancy. “Angry is good,” says Mr. Nancy in the video below, “Angry gets sh*t done.”

Mr. Nancy is the West African trickster spider god, Anansi. He is a god of knowledge and speech, and he is happy to share his gifts with anyone who will listen.

Mr. Nancy will be introduced in the second episode of American Gods. Unlike in the original printing of the book by Neil Gaiman, the show will introduce him on a slave ship, a poignant continuation of one major themes in this series. Stories of the “American Dream” aren’t always as hopeful as we like to picture them. There are also bloody and horrific histories, which are just as important.

“Meeting somebody on a slave ship is a strange place to meet them,” Jones admitted to Alpha Book Club, referring to the fact that he had to throw out his own preconceptions about Mr. Nancy coming into this role for the show. “You really are suddenly working against what your confines are, and in this case, it’s a bunch of people who are frightened for their life, and don’t really have a clear understanding about where they’re going and what their future’s going to be, and they’re not particularly interested in a speech, so it became about… Who manifested him here, what’s his role here, and how do you connect these words to the audience that you’re talking to?”

American Gods airs Sundays at 9:00 PM Eastern on STARZ.

Source: Nerdist

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