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Vincent D’Onofrio in a promo shot for Daredevil

Psychic Powers Abound in New Syfy Series ‘Ghost Wars’

Syfy isn’t slowing its roll any time soon – production has just started on a brand-new series called Ghost Wars, and it stars Vincent D’Onofrio (big bad Kingpin on Daredevil) and…Meatloaf. Yes, you read correctly! As in, “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” – that Meatloaf. Rounding out the cast is Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy), Avan Jogia (Twisted), and Kristin Lehman (The Killing). At the helm as showrunner is Simon Barry, who has a short filmography that includes Van Helsing and Continuum.

The action focuses on Jogia’s character, Roman Mercer, who lives in a tiny Alaska town that is being threatened by paranormal forces unknown. Mercer is an outcast because of his psychic powers, but he’ll have to comes to terms with his special abilities just as the town will have to look to him for help when evil forces come knocking.

A press release has Barry noting that  “Science, humanism, religion and the paranormal all get a seat at the table,” which indicates that the show will attempt to go beyond dudes fighting paranormal baddies and try to tell a bigger story that comments upon society as a whole. Syfy has been doing well with such themes lately, especially with breakout hit The Expanse. Maybe next year we’ll be adding Ghost Wars to the DVR roster!

Also, I can’t wait to see how they use Meatloaf. Maybe he thinks that because Ice-T is legit and has a long career with Law & Order, he can try to break onto the TV scene. We’ll see! Syfy is also partnering with Netflix to distribute Ghost Wars internationally, so they are putting a good deal of money and faith into this one.


Source: io9

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