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Supergirl Ep. 220 Recap & Review - 'City Of Lost Children'

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Supergirl Ep. 220 Recap & Review – ‘City Of Lost Children’

Monday night’s episode of Supergirl did a thing no one thought possible, made its worst storyline pretty good. We all know that the Guardian story arc just has not been working on the show. Like, at all. After last night’s episode that’s still up for debate; however, at least Guardian/Jimmy gets a little more depth this time.

I can tell that the show is trying to course correct itself, but with the season finale just around the bend, it might be too little too late. One change that I’ve noticed is that the show has woven Mon-El more naturally into the ensemble cast after being featured way too often earlier in the season. Someone who has yet to fit into the season 2 cast is Jimmy Olsen.

As soon as Supergirl decided to turn Jimmy into a vigilante, he’s been displaced from his position as a well-established supporting character. The move was jarring and you get the distinct feeling that the writers were trying to figure out Jimmy’s new position. Rather than unmaking James as Guardian (which we would have welcomed with very little question), however, the writers give Jimmy/Guardian his own episode — his first in ages. It starts with Jimmy openly acknowledging that Guardian as he is now is kind of a mess. The persona he’s created isn’t the shining beacon of hope as his friends are. Instead, he’s terrifying even to the people he’s saving (just like Superman’s “scary frenemy”).

Supergirl Ep. 220 Recap & Review - 'City Of Lost Children'

Feeling bummed that Guardian isn’t having quite the same effect as Supergirl when she’s out saving the day. To add insult to injury, J’onn doesn’t think Jimmy is even helpful after an alien wreaks havoc in the middle of National City.

Going off on their own, Jimmy/Guardian and Winn discovers a child with the same psychic abilities as the alien who went out of control earlier. In fact, he is the alien’s son. Jimmy and Winn take the kid to the DEO where Alex tries to find out where the boy’s mother is. Alex can’t get a word out of him, but Jimmy can.

The two spend the day together and bond over dead fathers until the boy suddenly goes berserk and nearly levels the whole CatCo. building.

The gang later figures out that the boy, and his mother, may have been affected by a major disturbance in the atmosphere. The origin of this disturbance? Lena Luthor and Rhea’s testing a giant Stargate intergalactic transportation device. Every time it’s turned on, the boy, his mother and about 10 more refugees just like them, lose control of their destructive powers and become potential wrecking balls.

Winn goes through this whole scientific schpeel about how the device adds extra ionic particle kerjiggers in the air that causes the aliens’ powers to go off on their own. When you hear that and his solution to prevent it from happening again, it all seems pretty cut and dry. Build a dampener, bingo bango, done. Except Winn’s dampener isn’t powerful enough for 12 psychics, and it’s up to Jimmy to…get through to the young boy and make him remember all the good times they had together — this will break the group’s psychic link, thus stopping their going out of control.

Uh, sure. Let’s just forget about all that info Winn dumped on us earlier, about how their powers are actually being triggered. Nah. Throw all of that garbage in can because the cure is Jimmy Olsen essentially giving you the Care Bear Stare.

Supergirl Ep. 220 Recap & Review - 'City Of Lost Children'

For a person who’s supposedly better at chess than Lex Luthor himself, Lena sure doesn’t have the foresight to see what Rhea may have up her sleeve. Unless I wasn’t paying close enough attention, I don’t remember Rhea ever mentioning to Lena that she has a space ship that would justify such a huge structure. If she did, my bad. Otherwise, one would start asking questions about why the transporter is hundreds of stories high (not something someone can just walk through) and why it could allow…oh, I don’t know…an armada to fly through en masse.

Perhaps Lena is too blinded by her need to impress a woman she’s already pinned as her mother figure and mentor, both of which Lilian Luthor deprived her.

Either way, Rhea’s plans are nearly complete thanks to Lena’s technical genius. The episode ends with a legion of Daxamite ships teleporting through the stargate and hovering over National City, ready for a full-on invasion.

All in all, “City Of Lost Children” isn’t exactly the strongest story, but it does go a long way towards rehabilitating Jimmy Olsen.


  • This has to be the most Kara-lite episode in a season.
  • Lena and Kara’s reminiscing about 90s boy bands is tops.
  • The alien kid is played by Lonnie Chavis from This Is Us, where he kills it on the reg.
  • Mon-El pointing a gun at Rhea, threatening to kill her was incredibly tense.
  • This shot below is gorgeous:

Supergirl Ep. 220 Recap & Review - 'City Of Lost Children'

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