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Tom Hardy to Star as Venom in a Spider-Man Spinoff from Sony

[UPDATED] Tom Hardy to Star as Venom in a Spider-Man Spinoff from Sony

UPDATE: According to Nerdist, Tom Hardy will be playing the Eddie Brock version of Venom instead of the Flash Thompson or Mac Margan incarnations. Hm. The original story is below.

According to Variety, Tom Hardy is set to star in Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off, Venom, with Ruben Fleischer set to direct.

Since Spider-Man is currently on loan to Disney and Marvel, Sony is acting quickly to build on their superhero own universe without the web-slinger himself. So of course putting all the focus on Spider-Man’s sticky nemesis would be the next logical step.

Sony pounced on Hardy as soon as he officially exited J.C. Chandor’s action-thriller Triple Frontier, I mean…wouldn’t you? The man is a beast and a freakishly versatile actor. He’s a perfect fit to play a beefed up, sometimes super villain who is forever a thorn in Spidey’s backside.

But which version of Venom will Tom Hardy play?

It’s not at all confirmed at this point, but the safest bet is that Hardy could be playing the version of Venom inhabiting Flash Thompson. In the comics, Flash was enlisted as part of Project: Rebirth 2.0 where he was bonded with the infamous black symbiote recently acquired by the U.S. Government. While bonded, Flash becomes Venom and is sent into dangerous missions abroad.

Depending on the route Sony decides to go, this could be a pretty good anti-hero action flick. A bold departure from that happy-go-lucky youth “thwipping” around New York in red and blue tights. Of course, Flash and the Symbiote aren’t above some humorous odd-couple moments, which Fleischer is pretty good at handling (see Zombieland).

It’s also a huge plus that Hardy is a fan of Venom — just look at the picture of him posing with a Venom shirt on. You know he’s gonna do right by our favorite black goo.

Venom is set to hit theaters on October 5, 2018.

Tom Hardy to Star as Venom in a Spider-Man Spinoff from Sony

Image take from Variety

Source: Variety

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