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Coach Has a NASA Collection, but Who the Hell Can Afford This?!

Coach Has a NASA Collection, but Who the Hell Can Afford This?!

You finally got me, Coach. I finally want what you’re selling. Over the weekend, Coach launched a NASA-inspired collection, appropriately named “Coach Space.” This limited edition line features bags, accessories, shirts, sweaters, jackets, patches, and wallets all NASA and space related. So if you’re planning that trip to Mars, you finally have an outfit that not only compliments your personal style, but looks WAY better than that clunky, unflattering, life-saving space suit. You can take a look at some of what they have in the gallery below.

According to their website, Coach’s space-inspired line was influenced by “American dreamers and explorers who believe that anything is possible.” The collection offers contemporary designs with an old school vibe to each piece with colors that could have easily lived in the ’60s and beyond.

Space is very en vogue right now, and some of the biggest fashion icons are hopping onto the galaxy express. Chanel showed off this year’s collection during Paris Fashion Week at a space shuttle launch pad. Gigi Hadid participated in an astronaut-themed photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ Cara Delevingne wore an extraterrestrial look at the Met Gala.

You can get your space-themed swag right now online. That is, if you have about a grand and some change.

The prices aren’t for the faint of heart. I mean…it’s Coach…one expects them to be super duper expensive. Even the patches and purse charms range from $35-$95. [Inwardly screaming]. I sort of have this policy where I can’t and shouldn’t spend money that is more than my monthly car payments unless it’s for a much-needed appliance. I can’t even justify buying a little pin because my brain will instantly create a T-shirt idea saying, “I spent $50 at Coach and all I got was this leather pin of a dinosaur wearing a space helmet.”

Fun fact: During my freelance days, I once got paid with a Coach bag — the client didn’t feel like giving me the rest of my money upon completion of the job (Don’t try to find the logic in it, I gave up years ago). I never cared for Coach, and I technically still don’t. Despite this particular item identifying as a purse, I could barely open it wide enough to throw in a couple of pens. It’s probably still around the house somewhere, not being used. Can we go tradesies, Coach?

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Source: Teen Vogue

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