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Hey Legion! It’s me, Katie!

This week on Coffee with Katie and Emily, Emily, Michael, and I go crazy for all things Wonder Woman!

First, I give an overview of the creation, history, and evolution of Wonder Woman. The three of us learned a lot and it was fascinating to discover how much this beloved character has changed over the decades. From comics, to animation, to Lynda Carter, to Gal Gadot, it was truly inspiring and very emotional to think about how far she (and, thusly, WE) have come.

Also, the three of us get suuuuuper gossipy about the lives of Wonder Woman’s original creators which was all kinds of fun.

After that, Emily gushes over her new, self-proclaimed “girl-crush,” Ms. Gal Gadot. Emily taught us many new things about Gadot’s life which was very interesting.

Throughout the episode, Michael interjects with fun trivia, supportive facts, and a disgustingly chauvinistic review of Patti Jenkins‘ new Wonder Woman film by a man who is, clearly, a total asshat.

Finally, we close out this episode discussing the new film! – And we don’t hold back which means there are ***TONS OF SPOILERS!!!!!*** Therefore, if you DO NOT enjoy spoilers, please wait until after you have seen Wonder Woman to listen to our episode. And OMG if you haven’t seen it yet, RUN DON’T WALK to the theater! It’s a beautiful, beautiful film.

So, in summary, we LOVED the film, Gal Gadot is our new favorite, we LOVE Wonder Woman even more now (which we didn’t know was possible), and we had a great time recording this episode.

You can find it on SoundCloud HERE and on iTunes HERE! XOXO

Thanks so much for listening! It means the world. And, per usual, we would love and appreciate positive feedback, constructive criticism, and/or YOUR QUESTIONS! We close out the majority of our episodes by answering listener questions about relationships, jobs, friendships, etc. So feel free to email us at coffeewithkatieandemily@gmail.com. And use a fake name if you’d like! We will always respect your privacy and we never use last names.


Katie (& Emily and Michael too!)


P.S. If you haven’t checked out our fearless Legion of Leia leader, Jenna Busch’s, rad review of Wonder Woman, click HERE to check it out!!!!

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