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E3 2017: EA Press Conference, ALL STAR WARS ALL THE TIME

E3 2017: EA Press Conference, ALL STAR WARS ALL THE TIME

Happy E3 2017, video gamers! Today is the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, kicking off the event with an EA Press Conference. It just wrapped as of writing this, and guys…it was a doozy. During the first half hour of program, we learn a little more about some upcoming titles such as Need for Speed Payback, and Battlefield 1’s “In the Name of the Tsar” DLC. We also see an in-depth look at a new game from indie developer Hazelight (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) called A Way Out, a story driven co-op game where you and a friend play as two characters trying to break out of prison. But the real nugget is the last half-hour of the conference: Star Wars Battlefront II.

Electronic Arts isn’t always known for hitting it out of the park when it comes to press conferences at E3. In my opinion, a lot of it had to do with its EA Sports segment that really slowed down the momentum in past years. However, some of EA’s biggest sports titles are getting into the Story Mode business. FIFA 18 continues last year’s story with “Hunter Returns,” and Madden 18 announces its own story mode with “Longshot.” It also helps that EA brought in a pair of professional sports commentators, the Men in Blazers.

The meat and potatoes of the event, however, was the last half-hour of the conference where we get our first official (some gameplay footage leaked earlier today ahead of the event) look at Star Wars Battlefront II. We first get a trailer. It showed off a few of the games series’ major heroes and villains, plus newcomers such as Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, and Rey. Finn and Captain Phasma will both be coming to the game as free DLC sometime after the game’s launch.

Below you’ll find all of the trailers they showed during the event plus a video of the live broadcast itself. If you want watch all the Star Wars Battlefront II coverage in which we see an entire multiplayer campaign played out, jump to the 46-minute mark here.

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