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E3 2017: Sony Isn't Joining in on the Cross-play Party

E3 2017: Sony Isn’t Joining in on the Cross-play Party

At E3 2017 during Microsoft’s press conference, Minecraft announced that they were going to introduce cross-platform play for all users playing on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile. In other words, players using all of the previously named platforms will be able to play together on Minecraft. But one major company isn’t joining the party: Sony. Sorry, PlayStation 4 gamers.

Minecraft isn’t the only cross-platform game Sony is writing off, either. Rocket League also announced that they will feature cross-play across every platform the game is currently on (including on Nintendo Switch) except for the PlayStation.

According to a sales and marketing lead for PlayStation, Sony hasn’t completely written off cross-platform play. However, there currently are no active discussions about making it happen any time soon. Perhaps they’re worried about protecting its users?

Microsoft has been blurring the lines between the Xbox One and Windows 10 for a while now, and Nintendo joining in is a strong sign that cross-play could be a viable venture for the future of gaming. So it’s a little puzzling exactly why Sony wants to stay isolated at this time. Minecraft and Rocket League are hugely popular, with the latter garnering a significant amount of attention in the eSports circuit.

This calls to mind a joke South Park made a few years back about the console wars: that deciding which console to buy ultimately comes down to being able to play with your friends. It seems silly this day and age to continue shackling gamers to play with each other ONLY IF that other gamer has the same system as you.

By lifting that digital iron curtain, not only would gamers be free to play with their friends no matter what console they’re on, but wouldn’t you, Sony, want the bragging rights if more consumers still preferred to buy your machine instead of Microsoft’s or Nintendo’s? Where’s that cock-sureness you displayed for the past two years?

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