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Today HBO released a video featuring Games of Thrones’ special effects supervisor, Sam Conway, discussing where he derives his special effects inspiration from, how special effects has changed since his dad’s day working on Monty Python sets, and what all goes into his work on the show.

Throughout the course of the video, we get glimpses of a great variety of special effects that have taken place like, for example, Daenerys setting fire to the Dothraki temple last season. They also show scenes with Daenerys’ scaly babies, I mean, dragons…

My favorite part of the video is when they show the mixture of both practical and digital effects coming together and what it takes to combine the two in order to create some of the most memorable scenes for the series.

Last season we saw Cersei ascending to the throne now that her children are all dead. Daenerys  took off with her dragons and her army towards Westeros. And, as we’ve known for awhile now, the Night King is getting ready to head South to wage a battle for supremacy over Seven Kingdoms. Considering we don’t have much time left for the series, loose ends are going to be wrapped up in a big way with this upcoming season.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere this summer on July 16, 2017.


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