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Men STILL Can't Get Over Alamo's Women-Only Wonder Woman Screenings

Men STILL Can’t Get Over Alamo’s Women-Only Wonder Woman Screenings

Like with Trump’s presidency, the harrowing story about Alamo’s decision to hold women-only Wonder Woman screenings (and the butt-hurt men who can not stand being left out) keeps getting more ridiculous with each passing day. In the next chapter of a saga that doesn’t know when to end, some guy named Jason Posobiec has decided to formally file a complaint with the New York City Human Rights Commission against the Alamo Drafthouse and…Carson Daly?

We should all know the story by now: an Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin decides to celebrate Wonder Woman, a feminist symbol of strength, support and persistence, with a one-night screening of her debut movie for women only. Men who are clearly insecure about their own masculinity get “offended” and complain about being excluded, crying out “hypocrisy” against feminism.

The Alamo in NYC joins in on the conversation by setting up their own women-only screening of Wonder Woman, sparking more “outrage” from men who can literally just see the movie at another time. Then there’s something about some doofus threatening to boycott Austin — because he thinks not coming to a city will put a real damper on an entire economy, or something — and the mayor responds with an awesomely savage clap back. We reported on the latter yesterday. At the same time this apparently happened, a guy named Jason Posobiec has just had it with female positivity and inclusively.

First of all, to all the men out there who feel like they’re being left out of something because of their sex:

Welcome to the other side of a conversation we’ve been having for generations, you jag weeds!!! Pull up a chair and come to Jesus. We got some talkin’ to do.

According to a report from Mashable, notorious alt-right person Jason Posobiec claims he filed a complaint with the commission, stating in the filing:

I was refused the ability to purchase a ticket to a movie this weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse because of my male gender. Carson Daly then went on his Today Show to advocate for the business clear violation of my civil rights.

Just so we’re clear, the Alamo Drafthouse in New York is not banning men from every screening of Wonder Woman, just the three reserved for women. There are literally 70 showings of the new film between now and next Thursday. About the same goes for other participating Drafthouse theaters.

Where does Carson Daly, former host of TRL and contributor to NBC’s The Today Show, fit into all of this? He took the Alamo Drafthouse story to mainstream media. You can watch the video below.

Will this complaint go any farther? That depends.  First Posobiec will have to be able to prove that he attempted to buy a ticket and was denied based on his sex, according to entertainment attorney at Los Angeles-based Lavely & Singer Andrew Brettler, who told Mashable about some possible legal standings that could go Posobiec’s way.

“It’s one thing to run a promotion that way,” Brettler said, “but it’s another to try to actually enforce the restrictions and refuse to sell tickets to men. Technically, they probably aren’t allowed to do that under the Civil Rights Act or the New York statutes and regulations.”

But Brettler, who notes that he has never had a case before the New York commission, doesn’t think the complaint has a whole lot of traction given the context of the situation. As long as officials who eventually handle the case are able to look at the bigger picture.

“To me, this filing misses the point and I have a hard time believing that an [administrative law judge] is going to take it that seriously,” he said. “This isn’t about discrimination or inequality.”

He’s right. This isn’t about discrimination or inequality. It’s about a guy and his fellow red pillers having such a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that a business saw a business opportunity that simultaneously allows women to come together and basque under the sunlight of feminine positivity.

Like I said before, Wonder Woman is an iconic feminist symbol who represents strength, support and persistence. And this is literally her first live-action film in 75 years where her two colleagues, Batman and Superman, have about 20 between them. Plus, these mad rantings and ravings from these sensitive snowflakes have only truly succeeded in doing a lot of the marketing for Alamo at this point. Multiple screenings have sold out, and a wave of support has been overwhelming.

Keep in mind that a complaint is not the same as a lawsuit. In this case, Posobiec’s claim hardly holds a candle to other, possibly more legitimate cases of discrimination across the board, from housing to employment to harassment, and so on. The case could go to trial if mediation fails, but…do we really see this going any farther than the filing itself? That’s assuming Posobiec actually filed an official complaint.

According to Mashable, there’s no way to verify if Posobiec really did file a claim, or if he’s just blowing smoke up everyone’s asses for attention. Civil Rights Commission complaints do not immediately become public, nor is the Commission obligated to comment on open or potential investigations.

Filing a complaint against something like this isn’t a new concept, especially since the men’s rights activists (aka MRA or red pillers) first started popping up. Groups in California and Virginia have actually won settle settlements against night clubs that hosted Ladies’ Nights, and playhouses that sold discounted tickets to women. But those are just a couple successes out of their many losses and straight-up dismissals. Just keep in mind that winning is a possibility, some-crazy-how.

Real talk: Men get to have their singular macho movies all the damn time. True, theaters have not singled out your sex for men-only screenings of Entourage or The Expendables because they generally don’t have to. Men literally have a plethora of movies tailored primarily with them in mind. I imagine that real men, who happen to be Wonder Woman fans, aren’t actually bothered by women-only screenings. I like to think those guys get it (or are “woke AF” as these youngsters like to say). Would members of the “alt-right” and the MRA actually go see Wonder Woman? Judging by their complete and utter disdain for all things women, I’m gonna go with “No.” They just want to cause a stink wherever they can. Because they can’t stand it when men aren’t the center of attention. To this, I say, “Step out of those little baby diapers and grow the hell up.”

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  • I wish Legion of Leia would be above a purposefully venomous​ article that is mostly just a bunch of name calling. I would hope for an article that was more informative and instructive. I don’t feel that this article is progressing the narrative of Feminism. How can you call someone butt hurt and then welcome them to a nice conversation about feminsm? It doesn’t make sense.

    Also, I really don’t like generalizations. I know the world “all” is not in front of men in the title, but it may as well be.

    • Don’t expect your concern to be addressed, my friend. You are a member of the patriarchy after all, so your opinions don’t matter to them.

  • Well, it’s prima facia illegal. Federal Court (NY Southern District) in Seidenberg v. McSorleys’ Old Ale House ruled that any business with a liquor license must adhere to strict public accommodation laws.

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