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Orphan Black Premiere – The Few Who Dare

Hello again, Clone Club! Welcome to the last and final season of Orphan Black, where everything is just as insane as we left it last year. This premiere episode, entitled The Few Who Dare, felt a little unsteady coming off the intense action of the season four finale. Frankly, not very much happened. Everyone is just as scattered as they were before, more than half the clones are injured, and there wasn’t nearly enough of Felix.

Sarah, Cosima, and Rachel: Welcome to the great Revival

Sarah, injured  and bleeding from Rachel stabbing her in the leg, made her way across the cold, windswept island after one more call with Felix. She managed to tell him that Ferdinand had taken Mrs. S and Kira away (we didn’t see them at all in this episode) and he told her that there was a boathouse and a village on the other side of the island. Managing to avoid most of the Neolution dudes who were looking for her, she surprises a recovering Cosima in the medical trailer of the village, which is named Revival. As Charlotte (little clone!) says, this place is kind of creepy.

Cosima only got a few moments with Delphine before she is ordered away, once to the medical trailer where she hides the stem cell lines that Cosima managed to bring with her, again to go talk to PT Westmoreland, the founder of Neolution who is almost 180 years old, and a third time to apparently go to abroad. I’m sure we’ll see her again. We did get a kiss between her and Cosima, which was nice and much anticipated. Cosima also made a perky new friend named Mud, which was kind of hilarious, and started to tell her what the village of Revival was all about and possessed a wide-eyed adoration of their leader, Westmoreland. Despite all the weird, Cosima told Sarah that she wanted to stay and “follow the weird science”, so Sarah hightails it to the boathouse. However, she is shot in the neck with a dart as the Neolution patrol finally catches up to her.

Rachel has assumed her mother’s place at the forefront of the Neolution. Susan is apparently not dead, as Mud lets it slip to Cosima that she is “expected to pull through” from her stab wound to the stomach courtesy of Rachel was not enough to kill her. Rachel makes an announcement to the cult, then finds Cosima in the medical trailer trying to inject herself with the cure. She tells Cosima she’ll do it for her, injecting her with a giant needle to the uterus. Did she switch the needle? I don’t trust her at all.

Helena, Allison, and Donnie – Calling All Loons

Felix calls Allison and tells her to stay put in Helena’s shack in the woods, but of course she doesn’t listen. Neolution thugs come for her and Donnie, and Helena sees them coming and issues an emergency bird call that Donnie recognizes. He runs away while Allison is kidnapped, which seems a bit silly. The thugs grab her and Helena attacks them from behind, but in the struggle she is stabbed right in her pregnant stomach with a sharp stick. “Stick in baby” she says, and we don’t see what happens after that.

All the Rest

Felix runs around trying to figure out what to do, and comes up with the idea of contacting MK through Kira’s Minecraft game. He almost beans Art with a frying pan, but doesn’t get very far in his plan. Art is assigned a Neolution partner, who drives him out into the middle of nowhere, threatens him, and then a van containing Allison rolls up. They are looking for Helena – Neolution wants all the clones together.

Really, that is everything that happened! It was very tame, all things considered, although I hope Helena’s babies are ok. She’s super tough, so I’m guessing they are too. Next week we see Mrs. S again, which means things are already improving. I can’t believe this is the final season – let’s get this show on the road!

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