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Hey Legion! OMG. This rumor is insane. Just like me, I’m sure you all are going to have a ton of questions and opinions!

This massive, cluster f*@K of a rumor/leak is about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And it’s a wild one that has created a ton of internet buzz. Some are saying it makes sense, others are saying it’s complete nonsense. — Which reminds me… As with ALL rumors, it is important to take this one with a HUUUGGGEEEE grain of salt as, according to Screen Geek, it is said to have come from a disgruntled LucasFilm ex-employee.

And, for those of you who don’t enjoy rumors and spoilers but perhaps opened this article anyway for some weird reason, PLEASE STOP READING NOW!!!!! Potential RUMORS AND SPOILERS ahead!!!

Alright, you’ve been warned. Here we go:

Since the rumor/leak was gigantic, I decided to pull my favorite parts from it for us to discuss. The details that follow were reported by Screen Geek as originally leaked by 4Chan thanks to the anonymous ex-employee:


1.) Luke tells Rey about her family and why she was abandoned. He also tells her that the Jedi are done after they defeat Snoke. The leak states the following:

Luke meets Rey, he tells her how the force brought her to him. Her parents were scared of her abilities. She is told after a couple scenes that she was born out of necessity, that this balance will continue forever with the force, since the beginning all the way to his dad and now her. Luke trains her but tells her after Snoke is defeated, they will cease to fight and will not continue the Jedi order. 

First things first. It’s very upsetting to read that Rey was “born out of necessity.” How heartbreaking for her to hear something like that. Additionally, if it’s true, learning that her family was afraid of her Force sensitivities would absolutely impact and shape her character in new ways.

Rey would have to come to terms with her past, embrace who she has become, and move forward with a new understanding of what she is capable of. Assuming she embraces the Jedi within her, this could also create a meaningful drive and a strong will to keep the Jedi going. This would also put her in conflict with Luke Skywalker who, according to the above leak, has decided that the Jedi will be no more after this last hurrah.

As far as Rey’s character development and on-screen conflict go, this part of the leak seems like it could be true. However, something about it seems empty to me. I’m left with this feeling of, “Really? That’s it? Hmpf.”


2.) Rey battles “penguins on crack.” The leak states the following:

Rey also battles a creature that Luke claims is filled with evil intent and has been threatening the porgs, creatures more in tune with the force than even himself (think penguins on crack). She defeats this creature only to see it become a ghost of Anakin. Basically, Luke has tried to push her emotionally in every direction on the island in order to wake her full potential quickly.

I do like the idea that Luke pushes Rey emotionally in order to “wake her full potential quickly.” That sounds like it could definitely be true. But is saving the crack penguins really the way to go about that? … I’m not so sure.

Furthermore, we have all heard the previously reported Force ghost/Hayden Christensen rumors so this part of the leak supports that. And, if Luke does use Anakin/Vader in Rey’s training to represent a “creature… filled with evil intent,” it would open the door for the audience to gain a deeper understanding of how Luke has dealt (or not dealt) with emotional trauma in relation to his father.


3.) Kylo Ren breaks off and searches for a deeper understanding of Darth Vader’s life. The leak states the following:

Kylo Ren spends the majority of the film with Snoke. Kylo is more unstable and leaves to trace Vader’s life in hopes that he will meet his spirit. From the way Snoke acts, he doesn’t seem to care much. Also, force ghosts can be destroyed. They’re adding new powers into this film the same way J.J./Kasdan added new abilities in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rian Johnson did write the film he wanted but there was definitely things they wanted included in this film for future media.

This really gets me spinning… Remember when you were a kid and you would lie to your parents? And as the lie came out of your mouth, you realized it was absurd? So you would panic and give way too much additional information that totally gave you away?

If you followed my train of thought above, I think that’s what happened here. The “J.J./Kasdan” comment is too much. It’s like the source is trying to justify their bazaar claim.

Why would Kylo Ren break off and chart Vader’s life? Is Vader’s life a secret? Probably not. For fans, Kylo/Ben’s life is the mystery. Vader’s is not. We know all about Anakin/Vader. Seriously. Thanks to the prequels, we probably know too much. So this seems like a very bazaar storytelling choice. I just can’t see how this is real.

Now, as you’re soaking in the ridiculousness and the awesomeness of this potential rumor/leak, I feel it is important to consider what Screen Rant had to say about this leak. Because I think they pretty much nailed it. They reported that it’s complete bull. (My word, not theirs. They said, “false.”) SR apparently believes that whoever actually came up with this rumor is pulling our metaphorical leg.

“The person who came up with this is certainly creative, but the ‘leaked’ plot reads as an elaborate fan-fiction and not much more. Several of the details are actually in direct contradiction with previously established Star Wars canon.” – Screen Rant

And I agree. It does sound fan-fictiony. When you read things like “Dracula” and “penguins on crack,” you have to wonder…

Additionally, SR gives many examples as to why the leak is false. Their point about Force Ghosts stuck out to me most because it’s the thing I had the biggest problem with. The leak claims that Force ghosts can be destroyed. Ummmmm… That would suck and seem completely contradictory to our understanding of The Force.

As SR further points out, in Star Wars: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Vader that if he dies in their battle he will become “more powerful than [Vader] can possible imagine.” So it would be quite a turn for us to realize that, actually, Vader can just kill him a second time after he becomes a Force ghost and call it a day. See what I’m saying? It really cuts the mystical/spiritual aspects of The Force off at the knees.

I also thought it was odd that a pissed off employee would spill this much information. You know LucasFilm employees sign all kinds of non-disclosure agreements; would you really risk being in breach of contract if your identity was discovered? I mean, I guess some people would but they’d have to be really, really, really upset about something to risk whatever penalties come with violating a non-disclosure.

So, in summary, the aspects of this leak that I find probably, are quite vague. And then rest seems too silly and/or nonsensical for me to believe. But it sure was fun to break it down and think about it.

What do you all think about this Star Wars rumor/leak? Leave comments and let us know.


To read the Screen Rant article about why they feel the leak is false, click HERE!

To read the entire leak, head over to Screen Geek by clicking HERE!


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017!

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(Sources: Screen Geek, Screen Rant)

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