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Credit: D23 – Incredibles 2

At D23 Pixar revealed details regarding their upcoming animated films while also revealing new projects that they had been keeping under wraps. After the conclusion of the presentation for Wreck It Ralph 2, they moved onto Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2. Here are the five major things we learned about the upcoming highly-anticipated sequel:

  1. Incredibles 2 will focus on Elastigirl (Helen Hunt) instead of Mr. Incredible. She will be off adventuring while her husband stays home to take care of Jack Jack.
  2. They still apparently do not know that Jack Jack has powers. Considering Mr. Incredible is taking over housewife duties, dealing with Jack Jack may be a strange adventure all on its own.
  3. This revelation that the family does not know about Jack Jack’s powers is shown to us with a new Incredibles 2 clip where Jack Jack goes outside and takes on a raccoon. Apparently, the boy can multiple himself. That poor raccoon!
  4. The concept art shows that the Incredibles are leaving in a swanky new home after the destruction of their original home in the last movie. It is in a forested area.  Oh, and they have a lair. Just what a superhero family need.
  5. The release date for Incredibles 2 is June 15, 2018. I have to wait a whole year. Goshdarnit! Then again, we’ve been waiting 14 years or so…

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