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Credit: Pixar’s COCO

At D23 Pixar revealed details regarding their upcoming animated films while also revealing new projects that they had been keeping under wraps. After the conclusion of the presentation for Incredibles 2, they moved onto the brand new COCO. Here are the five major things we learned about the upcoming highly-anticipated Day of the Dead inspired film:

  1. We will meet a character named Hector (Gael Garcia Bernal), according to the COCO crew, in the realm of the Dead. Miguel meets him in the cementary and they set out to solve the mystery that plagues Miguel’s family.
  2. We are shown in a COCO clip Miguel’s burning desire to play guitar on Day of the Dead. He ends up at his great-great grandfather’s tomb and picks up the guitar left there. He strums it and gets sent over to the deadly realm where he meets all the dead going to visit their own families in a role reversal.
  3.  We are introduced to the matriarch of Miguel’s dead family in another COCO clip.  Mama Imelda is his great-great-grandmother and tries to make him swear to give up playing music forever. If he swears, she will give her blessing. Why does she want him to give up music? She doesn’t want him to go down the same path his great-great grandfather did. Dun dun DUN NUH!
  4. It is in this same clip that we discover that if he doesn’t get his family’s blessing by sunrise, he will turn into an undead skeleton creature (calaca). and find out that he must get his family’s blessing by sunrise, or he will turn into a calaca himself. Mama Imelda will only give her blessing if he agrees to never play music again.
  5. We also got a lovely new image featuring Hector and Miguel above. It is super adorable.

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