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Jodie Whittaker is Lucky Number 13 in Doctor Who!

Jodie Whittaker is Lucky Number 13 in Doctor Who!

As of writing this, BBC just announced that Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker will be lucky number 13 in Season 11 of Doctor Who! For the first time ever, a woman will get to play The Doctor!

It was announced after the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final, which aired on BBC One in the U.K. Whittaker had recently become the new favorite in betting pools, her odds at Ladbrokes‘ being 6/4. Some other betting contenders were Kris Marshall, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Tom Rosenthal, Supergirl’s David Harewood, Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman, and even Hayley Atwell.

Whittaker will replace Peter Capaldi in an upcoming Christmas special (with David Bradley appearing as the First Doctor) before fully taking on the role in Season/Series 11, which expected to air in late 2018.

Making the Doctor a woman had been a long time coming. Many fans had been pleading for a female Doctor for some time, especially when the show blew open a realm of possibilities when it revealed that Time Lords can regenerate into the opposite sex of their previous incarnations. The most significant event in Doctor Who’s recent history was The Master returning as “The Mistress,” or Missy as she preferred to call herself. The second was during the season 9 finale when another Time Lord regenerated from an old man to a younger-looking black woman. The final hint came this season when the Doctor told Bill that Time Lords weren’t as binary as humans were about sex and gender.

Whittaker is best known for her role as Beth Latimar in the British crime series Broadchurch, where she worked with Chris Chibnall (the creator of Broadchurch). Chibnall will be the new showrunner after Steven Moffat — who helmed the modern iteration of the show since taking over for Russell T. Davis in 2010 — officially steps down.

You can watch the official announcement video in the video posted below. What do you think of the new Doctor?

Source: Metro UK

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