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Netflix Revealed Stranger Things 2 Poster, Release Date

Netflix Revealed Stranger Things 2 Poster, Release Date

“Some doors can’t be closed.” Those words couldn’t ring more true for the Netflix original series. By the end of the first season of Stranger Things, something made it out of the Upside Down and piggybacked its way up through Will. The Stephen King-esque horror television series was a surprise summer hit last year, and fans have been foaming at the mouth for a second season. Today via Twitter, Netflix not only revealed a teaser poster, but also a proper release date — just in time for the Halloween weekend.

If you look at the poster above, things may get even dire for the citizens of Hawkins. As I said before, something came up with Will. And there’s still the issue of where Eleven disappeared to, and how is she coming back.

Stranger Things 2 picks up sometime after the Season 1 finale. Will is suffering from PTSD-like symptoms after his time spent in the Upside Down while Joyce (Winona Ryder) tries to bring stability back to her home. At the same time, she also starts dating a guy named Bob (Sean Astin). Hopper (David Harewood) is still trying to keep the events of the first season under wraps, ante deaths of Barb (Shannon Purser) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

While Barb is definitely not coming back, Eleven is. Furthermore, Season 2 will also dig farther into past.

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