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Behold the Power of Rick and Morty! Mulan Sauce Coming Back

Behold the Power of Rick and Morty! Mulan Sauce Coming Back

Over the weekend, Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland tweeted a very exciting development. Fast-food mega chain, McDonald’s sent him two 64-ounce jugs of the coveted “Mulan sauce,” formally known as Szechuan Sauce.

The package came in a heavy duty orange case marked “Dimension C-1998M.” Inside were the two containers of Szechuan Sauce, plus a creatively written laminated note explaining how McDonald’s obtained them:


We finally did it. It took months, but we’ve finally brought back some Szechuan Sauce.

We’ll spare you the physics, but turns out, Dimension C-1998M is a dimension where it’s always 1998. 1998 every day. No smartphones, no social media. It’s a weird, scary place. But they’ve got Szechuan Sauce on the regular menu.

So here we are with some precious cargo–the Szechuan Sauce you remember and some sou-venirs from some of the dimensions we tried along the way.

We wish we could’ve brought more sauce through, but we couldn’t dish keeping a portal like that open. Think about it. If you know in 1998 that McDonald’s would have All Day Breakfast in 2017, would you really want to stay in 1998? Of course not. If we left the portal open, we’d have puka shells, bucket hats and boy bands as far as the eye could see. It’s too risk, even for sauce as delicious as this.

A few lucky fans will also get to experience the glory, but the first bottle in this dimension is for you.

Stay Schwifty,

Chef Mike.

Excellent callback to the puka shells. That DEFINITELY would have happened if McD’s kept the portal open. Good call, guys.

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce originally appeared during a promotion they had with Disney’s newest animated feature at the time, Mulan. It was available only for a limited time, however, and never reappeared since then. It’s existence almost faded into obscurity until the April Fool’s Day 2017 when Adult Swim released the first episode of the long-awaited third season of Rick and Morty.

In the episode, which can now be viewed online, Rick goes on a tangent saying that his whole series arc is to get some of that chicken nugget Mulan dipping sauce. You can watch the clip of that in the video below.

After the episode aired, fans couldn’t stop talking about McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. Petitions to have the restaurant bring back the dipping sauce began to surface, 19-year-old unopened packets of the sauce started popping up on eBay, and YouTube’s Andrew Rea from Binging with Babish tried to recreate the delicious enigma to help other food-savvy fans get their fix.

This. This is the power Rick and Morty has over us. I’m okay with that.

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