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SDCC 2017: Once Upon a Time Introduces New Cast Members

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SDCC 2017: Once Upon a Time Introduces New Cast Members

At the Once Upon a Time panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, fans got to meet the new cast members for Season 7, one of whom is an older version of an established character. The previous season of Once Upon a Time shook things up with half of the original cast leaving the show, opening the show up to some new possibilities.

Executive producer Edward Kitsis starts the panel off saying that they’re not erasing the last six years, but they are introducing new stories and new characters. Firstly, there is a new fairytale book. The upcoming season will mirror the first where Henry (now played by Andrew L. West) becomes the new Emma of the show.

As previously announced, Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice) and Dania Ramirez have joined the cast for the upcoming season. Ramirez will play a new iteration of Cinderella, who will also be Lucy’s mother and Henry’s wife. Gabrielle Anwar was cast as a series regular and will be playing Cinderella’s wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine. Also in a recurring role is Adelaide Kane (Reign) as the wicked stepsister Drisella. Rose Reynolds and Mekia Cox will be playing the new Alice (in Wonderland) and Tiana, respectively.

Once Upon a Time treated fans to a scene from season 7. Here’s what they saw according to Entertainment Weekly:

In Storybrooke an indeterminate time after the events of the finale, a young Henry decides to leave home. He’s still the Author and wants to find his own story — it’s not here in this realm. He explains to Regina that when he finished the first book, he returned it to the Sorcerer’s mansion and found other books, including ones that featured French and Italian Snow Whites. So he wants to venture to new realms. Using August’s motorcycle, he throws a magic bean to go to a new land. Regina is surprised that Emma and Snow/Charming are alright with this, but Henry says stubbornness runs in the family. We then find the older Henry in another realm, years later, riding his motorcycle through the woods when he runs into Dania Ramirez’s Cinderella running away in the carriage. She’s thrown from the carriage and knocked out. Henry realizes who she is. Title card. Boom.

“Henry’s on a new adventure. He left home and he wants to visit other storybooks with different stories and different characters and he obviously falls in love with Cinderella,” executive producer Edward Kitsis said. “He gets into some trouble and he calls out to help from his family, and the three people you see on the stage come to his rescue. It’s really these three and Henry on an epic adventure.”

The three Kitsis is talking about are As Hook, Rumple, and Regina who all have slightly new roles to play in this rebooted world.

Colin O’Donoghue touched on the possibility of Hook and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) having a child. “They love each other and it’s true love, and they’re married, so the next logical step for them would be to consider whether or not [they should] have a baby.” The actor also hopes to explore more about Hook’s mother in the future.

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on a new night, starting October 6, 2017.

Source: EW
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