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SDCC 2017: Disney's DuckTales Panel Recap

SDCC 2017: Disney’s DuckTales Panel Recap

Confession: I am probably one of the few 90’s kids who didn’t really grow up with DuckTales. Yes, I remember seeing episodes here and there, I remember Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and I am fully capable of getting that theme song stuck in my head (wooooooOOOooo). But beyond the most basic of details I don’t really retain many particular fond memories with the series.

So with the new reboot on it’s way later this year, I’ve felt little excitement over it. Though one little detail has me intrigued, and that is the casting of David Tenant as Scrooge McDuck himself. That is certainly inspired casting, particularly in terms of a voice cast. And from what he had to say at the SDCC panel has quite the take on this beloved character:

“Who knows how many skeletons he has in his closet…”

The panelists also made note that in addition to the classic quartet of Scrooge and his nephews, the new series will seek to make Webby Vanderquack, more of a side character in the original series, a larger part of the stories. The character’s new voice actress, Kate Micucci, commenting how excited she was merely to be working on the show itself.

Most panels often get away from the humdrum of business, history, and development fairly quickly and become all about fan interaction with the Q&A segments in the second half. But I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen show creators write out a short scene for one of the actors to perform there in the moment: When one fan asked David Tenant to perform one of Scrooge McDuck’s iconic outbursts, he asks for a line, and so showrunner Francisco Angones writes up a short script for him on the spot, for them to return to later, performed by Tenant, and receiving grand applause. All before ending with Ben Shwartz requesting his own scene on the spot reciting War and Peace.

And if you haven’t already, check out (or revisit) this sneak peek at the new series. All honesty: Webby might get me to watch a bit.


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