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Suicide Squad 2 has a New Frontrunner for a Director

Suicide Squad 2 has a New Frontrunner for a Director

I guess Mel Gibson passed on becoming the next director for Suicide Squad 2, because someone new has taken the lead. The Shallows director Jaume Collet-Serra is the new frontrunner for helming the inevitable sequel to Suicide Squad.

The first movie, written and directed by David Ayer, was about some of DC Comics’ most bankable villains being forced to work together on the side of good (a.k.a. in the government’s best interest) or face head-exploding death at Amanda Waller’s hands. Yuck.

Suicide Squad wasn’t met with the best reviews — the plot was as all over the place as the remains of one squaddie’s brain matter when he tried to escape. However, it did get a whole ton of money once it hit the global market, more than enough to justify a sequel. The soundtrack’s pretty solid, too.

Collet-Serra’s past works here in the States include Orphan, Non-Stop, and The Shallows. He’s got another movie coming out in 2018, titled The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson.

Despite there being some genuinely good moments in Suicide Squad (Jai Courtney makes a perfect Captain Boomerang), I will mostly likely never see this movie again. Like I said, the plot is just everywhere. It took too big of a bite by pitting the anti-heroes against a god rather than a menacing psychopath with slicked-back green hair. However, I enjoy Collet-Serra’s work, so I am (tentatively) looking forward to Suicide Squad 2.

Also, more Katana please!

Source: Deadline

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