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Telltale Games Announced New Seasons for 3 Popular Titles

Telltale Games Announced New Seasons for 3 Popular Titles

Telltale Games is bringing back new seasons for three of its best titles — Batman, The Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead. While two continues the stories of its main characters, The Walking Dead will enter its fourth and final season. For as hopeful as the creators and voice actors were about Clementine’s improved outlook on the world, this very well may be her swan song…. You can watch the full presentation in the video posted below.

Debuting on August 8, 2017, Batman returns for Season 2 in another five-part series. Season 1 was a surprisingly fresh take on the iconic hero’s story, allowing players to approach certain situations either as Bruce Wayne or Batman and balancing between the two as the series went on. For Season 2, Bruce and the Bats will have to deal with The Riddler and his dangerous riddles that are terrorizing the citizens of Gotham.

On top of that, Batman must also have to contend with a ruthless federal agent as well as the still nascent Joker, who slipped out of Arkham Asylum during Batman’s final confrontation with Lady Arkham.

Batman will have to enter into uneasy alliances while Bruce Wayne tries to navigate through a perilous series of deceptions. Which one of Batman’s new allies will you, the player, choose to trust with your life?

The next title on the roster is the fourth and final season of The Walking Dead in which players will get play as Clementine once again. TWD just ended its third season, titled A New Frontier, which introduced a new lead character. Through him, you got to see Clementine’s journey. This time, the focus shifts back to our young heroine as she navigates through the grim, dark world of the undead. This time, however, she has a slightly lighter outlook than she did before.

Finally, Telltale Games finally is bringing back The Wolf Among Us for a second season after three years. Based on Bill Willingham’s award-winning comic book series Fables, The Wolf Among Us is a neon noir detective story where you play Bigby Wolf, sheriff of Fabletown. Also returning his Snow White, the newly appointed leader of the Fables after the events of the first game.

Telltale describes the second season as “a standalone product separate from Season One.” There’s no definitive release date for The Wolf Among Us, but do expect it to come out around 2018-2019.

Which game are you most looking forward to playing?

Source: The Verge

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  • i want to see Clark Kent also known as Superman from metropolis involved in the
    final Episode of Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 Same Stitch and Season 3 Of Telltale’s Batman Episode 4 Superman in Metropolis
    Superman Vs Joker Fight To The Death! at the end.

  • Hello today I want to talk about a Batman The Telltale Series Season 3 Episode 1 Batman v Superman if it could happen from Telltale games because Batman The Enemy Within is the second Season and Batman Season 1 is the first,I have read the Batman Comic Books,played Batman The Enemy Within and watch the DC movie called Man Of Steel Superman,The Villians I want the most is Ra’s Al Ghul,Deadshot,Clayface,Hush,and Deathstroke and I want The Vigilante Joker,Commissioner Gordon and The Allies I want to see is Superman aka Clark Kent in Season 2 Of Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 Same Stitch teaming up with Batman and The joker as Robin,and I want Superman involved in this series of Season 2 Of Telltale’s Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 Same Stitch Vigilante playthrough.hope Superman was in Telltale’s Season 2 Of Batman The Enemy Within we need Superman this isn’t Batman without Superman Because the world needs Superman Telltale has already done The Wolf Among Us,Batman The Telltale Series,and Guardians Of The Galaxy Plus I want Superman involved in Season 2 Of Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 Same Stitch.

  • Hello today i want to talk about a Batman Season 3 if it could happen from Telltale game because Batman The Enemy Within is the second season,Give Up Alfred and Keep being The Dark Knight Batman.
    The Villians i want the most is Ra’s Al Ghul,Clayface,Lex Luthor,and Black Manta.
    and The Allies i want to see teaming up with Batman and conquer Gotham City is
    Robin aka Jason Todd,The Vigilante Joker,Commissioner Gordon,and Superman/Clark Kent.
    Telltale games could make The Flash in his DC Universe.and Spider-Man is part of the comic book characters i dislike the most.

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