Welcome to the Legion!

Star Trek is for everyone and we are here to prove it!

Hey Legion! It’s me, Katie!

My podcast is called Trek My Life with Jake and Roy and our 8th episode, aptly titled “Episode 8: JUSTICE,” is up now on iTunes and SoundCloud!

On this episode, Jake, Roy, and I review Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Season 1 episode entitled Justice. Per usual, we laugh, tease, and drive each other crazy. Most importantly, however, we discuss the very lighthearted and seriously heavy themes that this episode explores. From sex to capital punishment, Justice covers A LOT of ground and we are here to relentlessly discuss it all. Come hang out with us!

Here is a bit more info about our podcast:

My husband, Jake, and his friend/brother-from-another-mother, Roy, created this podcast and asked me to co-host “occasionally.” Well “occasionally” turned to permanently in no time and now the three of us are on every episode together.

It’s a blast. Roy knew NOTHING and I knew very little about Star Trek when we started this podcast.

Jake, on the other hand, has watched every Star Trek series and film multiple times. So, he’s the pro and we are the armatures. And that’s EXACTLY how we wanted this podcast to be! Whether you know a lot or a little about Star Trek, it truly doesn’t matter; this podcast is for you. (As long as you have a sense of humor!)

As Jake said, in a fun and genuine way, we wanted to create this podcast to make Star Trek more accessible to everyone!

On this first “season” of our podcast, we are watching Star Trek: The Next Generation starring Patrick Stewart. We decided to start with this series because… well…  it’s Jake’s favorite, plain and simple. Every episode of our podcast consists of us reviewing and discussing an episode. Among other things, we discuss themes, characters, plot, “the sexiest thing Riker did,” and how the episode relates to us in 2017.

We suggest that you watch the episode we discuss before listening to the podcast. But some listeners have said that they enjoy doing the reverse. So, as long as you don’t mind spoilers, listening to our podcast and then watching the episode can be just as fun!

Jake, Roy, and I truly enjoy recording every episode. Yes, Roy and I tease (mercilessly at times) but we also think it’s pretty clear how much we love the show.

So, come check it out and listen to our latest episode! Or start at the beginning! Whatever you want! We’re just glad you’re here!

Come find us on SoundCloud and iTunes!

You can also find us on Facebook at Trek My Life with Jake and Roy, on Twitter at @trekmylifejr, and on Instagram at TrekMyLifewithJakeandRoy!

Thanks so much for listening!!!

– Katie (and Jake & Roy too)


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