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Take a Behind the Scenes Look at Frozen: The Broadway Musical

Take a Behind the Scenes Look at Frozen: The Broadway Musical

Prepare yourselves to get the songs of Disney’s Frozen stuck in your head all over again. Frozen: The Broadway Musical is coming.

When Beauty and the Beast was converted into a Broadway musical in 1994, there has been a beautiful marriage between our favorite Disney classics and musical theatre ever since.

In the video below, Disney allows fans of the animated film a peek behind the velvet curtain for the first time as the Broadway company rehearses Frozen: The Broadway Musical.

Actors Caissie Levy (Elsa) and Patti Murin (Anna) can be seen working together on the choreography with the ensemble, while the creators of the musical explain how the production will honor the animated film. They also add that they will be tripling the amount of songs, taking the number from seven to 21. No doubt that some of these songs will let the audience get into Elsa’s head more than what we were allowed to see in the film.

We also catch a glimpse at Jelani Alladin, who is playing Anna’s love interest Kristoff.

Frozen which comes out next Spring, joins the 23-year-legacy of Disney musical theatre with The Lion King (1997), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (2014), Tarzan (2006), The Little Mermaid (2008), and Aladdin (2011).

If you’re interested in Frozen: The Broadway Musical, you can stay up-to-date on Disney’s website. Denver residents can buy tickets now for the fall previews.

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