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Here's Our First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

Here’s Our First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

Two images of Josh Brolin as Cable popped up on social media on Monday thanks to Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Both images give us a very distinct idea of what we’re in for when the sequel to 2016’s Deadpool finally comes to theaters.

Last week, fans got to look at the new Domino in all her glory with Zazie Beetz reenacting Deadpool’s now iconic “seductively lie down on an animal rug in front of a lit fireplace” pose. Now we get our first full look at Brolin fully decked out as the time-hopping mutant, Cable.

The first image Reynolds released was of a close-up shot of Cable’s scarred face as he holds up his finger to his lips, shushing us like some gnarled librarian from apocalyptic times. The second image gives us a look this arsenal — his full cybernetic arm, the techno-organic virus creeping up his neck, a big-ass gun, some clips, a few grenades, and an old teddy bear hanging from his hip.

You can take a look at the pictures below.

We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future. #PremiumCable #MaximumAsshole

Here's Our First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

DeadPool 2: Your premium #Cable provider. #DeadPool2

Here's Our First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

There’s one notable detail about Cable’s second picture: The teddy bear. After Scarlet Witch wishes away the majority of the world’s mutant population, Hope is born and is quickly targeted by anti-mutant zealots. She is saved by Cable who then raises her in the future. As a result, she takes his last name Summers.

Could the bear signify a remnant of Hope? Will she be the connective tissue between Logan and the “present-day” world of the X-Men?

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