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Game of Thrones

The following recap contains massive spoilers (DUH). Please don’t read ahead unless you are perfectly ok with that fact or have seen the episode.

This week’s Game of Thrones begins with the Lannister army leaving Highgarden. Jaime is bringing the Tyrell gold to King’s Landing. He gives one bag to Bronn for services rendered, though. It’s not enough for Bronn, though. Bronn wants Highgarden. Jaime tries to talk him out of it, but Bronn is still not happy about that. Jaime says that once Cersei wins, all of the castles of the Seven Kingdoms will be laid out for Bronn to choose between.

Game of Thrones

Tycho Nestoris (or as I call him, Mycroft of the Iron Bank) is in King’s Landing talking to Cersei. Cersei is still trying to convince the Iron bank to back her. The Iron Bank will back her, but only after Jaime delivers the gold.

Game of Thrones

Littlefinger and his skeezy self gives Bran a dagger that was meant to slit Bran’s throat when he was still unconscious. (It’s really funny to see Littlefinger talk to Bran as if Bran doesn’t know EVERY SINGLE THING that is going on.) In his own way, Littlefinger is trying to be comforting, but Bran sees through it all. Meera comes in and interrupts them. She is trying to tell Bran goodbye and Bran is being really cold about it. Meera tries to remind Bran of everyone who died for him, but Bran tells her that he’s not really Bran anymore. He remembers what it was like to be Bran, but he’s only the Three Eyed Raven now.

Game of Thrones

Arya finally arrives in Winterfell. Two guards try to stop her, and when she informs them of who she is, they don’t believe her. She tells them to get Sansa, but they refuse. After she threatens them, they finally let her in. Arya is breathing in being home. It’s been a really long time for her, and it is written all over her face.

Game of Thrones

Sansa meets Arya down below where their father is buried. Ayra points out that the statue of Ned doesn’t resemble him. She says that the statue should have been carved by someone who knew his face. Sansa reminded her that most people who knew his face are all dead. Arya then tells Sansa about her death list, and Sansa laughs an uncomfortable laugh. They share a really warm hug and Sansa tells Arya bout Bran.

Bran is sitting at the ancient tree when Arya and Sansa approach him. Arya can’t believe she’s seeing him again. Bran tells Arya he saw her at the crossroads. Sansa told Arya that Bran has visions now. Bran thought Arya would have gone to King’s Landing since Cersei is on her list. Sansa asks who else is on her list, but Arya says that most of them are dead already. Bran gives Arya the Valerian steel dagger that was given to him by Littlefinger. Sansa questions why Littlefinger would have given such a gift to Bran, but Bran says it doesn’t matter.

Games of Thrones

Back at Dragonstone, Jon shows Danaerys the dragon glass. He wants her to see it before he starts mining it. Danaerys is taken aback by how beautiful it all is. Jon informs her there’s something else he wants to show her, and he takes her farther into the cave where there are drawings on the cave walls. Jon tells her the children of the forest made the drawings. Jon shows her where the cave proves the wight walkers exist. The children of the forest and the first men fought together against them the first time they came down. Danaerys finally is beginning to understand. She tells Jon she will fight for the north when he bends the knee. Jon tells her his people won’t accept a southern ruler after everything they’ve been through. Danaerys says they will if he does.

Game of Thrones

When they exit the cave, Varys and Tyrion are waiting to tell her about the sort of win at Casterly Rock. Dany is clearly not happy about the news. Dany calls Tyrion’s loyalty into question, since his plan didn’t work. Danaerys is done with “clever plans” and wants to fly her dragons to the Red Keep. She asks Jon what he thinks she should do. Jon, being Jon, tells her that part of why people follow her is that she makes them feel as if the impossible can happen. He says that if she uses her dragons to burn castles that she’s not any different, but just more of the same.

Game of Thrones

We then get a super fun scene where Arya and Brienne spar against each other. At first Brienne underestimates Arya, but she quickly learns that’s a mistake.

Jon and Ser Davos are discussing Danaerys and what Jon thinks about her. Ser Davos clearly ships Jon and Dany. They walk up on Missandei. Missandei can’t understand why Jon is considered a bastard. They don’t have marriage where she is from so the entire concept is foreign to her. They ask her why she serves Danaerys and she tells them she is the queen she chose. Meanwhile, Theon arrives on Dragonstone and Jon does not look pleased. The last Jon knew of Theon, he had taken Winterfell and tried to kill his brothers. Theon asks Jon about Sansa, and Jon tells Theon that what he did for Sansa is the only reason why Jon isn’t going to kill him. Theon asks where Dany is, and Jon informs him she left.

Game of Thrones

We are then cut to the Lannister armies resting near a river. In the distance, they can hear hooves approaching. The soldiers start to get into formation, as they know an attack is coming. Over the hill come the Dothraki. The Lannisters have never seen anything like them before. They are used to orderly and more traditional fighting. Just when they think the Dothraki are the worst of their troubles, in comes a dragon. Danaerys rides Drogon in and lays waste to the Lannisters in her way. The Dothraki ride in through the fire and finish what the dragon started. The fight scene that comes next is the greatest and best of the series so far. In the middle of the fight, Bronn makes his way to the dragon killing weapon. He shoots one of the giant arrows, but misses. He readies another, and this time hits the wing. For a moment we think it is all over, but the dragon rights himself and destroys the weapon. Dany dismounts to help get the spear out of her friend’s shoulder. Jaime sees this as an opportunity to take Dany out and charges at her. Tyrion looks on in disbelief and is hoping Jaime will flee. Drogon turns around and is about to make a Jaime crisp when Bronn swoops in and saves the day. We will have to wait until next week to see how the rest of that plays out.

Game of Thrones

This episode was absolutely insane. I know I keep saying that, but this season has been completely on point. I haven’t enjoyed a season of television this much since Season 4 of Supernatural. Next week is going to be next level insane an I can’t wait. Let me know what you think on Twitter.

Game of Thrones is on HBO and HBO Go on Sunday nights at 9PM ET.

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  • The actual name of the episode is “Spoils of War.” This wasn’t made known to me until this morning. LOL! Whoever was in charge of the online side of things at HBO failed miserably.

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