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Jodie Whittaker did the Impossible, Stayed Away from Negative Comments

Jodie Whittaker did the Impossible, Stayed Away from Negative Comments

Last month, BBC announced that Broadchurch alum Jodie Whittaker is taking over for Peter Capaldi as the 13th Doctor. There was an overwhelming sense of excitement among fans, and a few who were not so excited.

In her first interview with BBC Radio 6 since the casting announcement, Whittaker admitted that she stayed away from pretty much all of the negative comments from the loud minority of self-proclaimed Doctor Who fans.

“I’ve missed a lot of the fun stuff, and probably the bad stuff, because I’m not on any type of social media and never have been,” she said.

That alone is an incredible feat.

“If I get sent something it’s a mate screen-grabbing something, and they obviously edit. But there’s an amazing video of a young girl watching it and finding out that it’s [Doctor Who] being played by a girl. Seeing things like that are really amazing.”

Pretty sure she’s talking about this video from novelist Jenny Trout.

Whittaker also talked about how a role such as playing a time-traveling alien with two beating hearts, and etc., seemed untouchable by women when she was growing up. It never seemed to be “in the realm of possibility, ever.”

“The people that are in these roles, that we’re excited about, or passionate, or that that we look up to, don’t always have to tick the same box, and that’s what’s really incredible about it.”

“I’m about to play an alien,” she continued, “A time lord. And that as a girl? Who knew? That’s incredible and really emotional because of that.”

Source: Independent

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