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Hey, guys! This is Sarah and I will be providing you with recaps and reviews of The Defenders mini series. I will try to keep them free from snark, but I will probably fail a bit when it comes to Danny Rand because it is Danny Rand. Also HERE BE SPOILERS. I repeat once more for the people in the back: HERE BE SPOILERS!!! That being said, I am going to dive right in and get to the recapping.

The second episode makes up for Episode One’s slow burn and character introductions by serving up more action and diving straight into tense, serious situations post-earthquake. We start off with Matthew Murdock (Charlie Cox) giving into his devilish impulses and running out in the middle of the chaos to defeat what he hears to be a potentially violent situation. However, I think that was most particularly note-worthy regarding Matt in this episode was seeing him and Foggy (Elden Henson) reconcile. The emotional nuances of this scene and, in general for the Daredevil gang, are probably the most varied of what we’ve seen so far. Even more so when Foggy is trying earnestly to help Matt not give into his desire to return to the horned life by piling him with a bunch of cases to keep him busy. However, me thinks that it won’t work the way Foggy wants it to, especially him shoving these cases onto Matt is what introduces Matt to Jessica Jones later on, which I’m sure will bring forth some shenanigans in the following episode.

It is difficult to connect to the remaining members of the Defenders and part of this has to do with what I feel to be a lack of investment in the stakes for the remaining three. However, the scenes focusing on  Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and her case do not fail to capture audience interest. Her consistency is always something we can rely on, especially while she is knee deep in crappy days like the one we get to see in this episode. Fruitless searches chasing after corporations and then having to deal with the missing architect threatening her would-be friend Malcolm is just the tip of the iceberg of her bad day. Elektra (Elodie Yung) shows up to Jessica’s apartment, which prompts the architect to freak out and kill himself. Jessica tries to attack Elektra and fails. She then tries to pursue Elektra, but to no avail. Instead, she gets arrested by Misty Knight (Simone Missick) after being discovered covered in blood and having stolen stuff from a crime scene. Luckily, this is when Matt pops in.

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Then we get to witness the inevitable meeting of Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and the Iron Fist (Finn Jones). Skipping past the exposition that leads Luke to a warehouse that conveniently attracts Danny Rand, we discover that the missing boys in Harlem weren’t couriers. They are clean up teams sent to clean up the Hand’s dirty business. Danny and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) confront them and it is revealed that one of the men is Cole, a young individual that Luke is trying to direct to the straight and narrow. Danny starts beating on Cole and, of course, Luke is having none of that shenanigans. This leads to a scene that we’ve been dying to experience – Danny using his Iron Fist to punch Luke across the face. Unfortunately, before things go even further, the cops arrive.

Then the most meaty and mysterious character of them all is once again Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver). We get to see her enjoying a string quartet and here we get to see fragments of Alexandra’s potential age. The show runners have been hinting and poking at it throughout their marketing campaigns and in the last episode. Her knowledge of Brahms and his “pettiness” serves as a tease to the audience that perhaps maybe she is older than we think despite the presumed organ failure that’s happening. Madame Gao arrives and they discuss postponing plans. This is where it’s revealed by Alexandra herself that she is the stubborn one while Gao is the more careful of the two. This scene is also where we get an idea of the potential Danny may have to Alexandra’s plans.  She discusses the wall that is standing in their way and mentions K’un Lun. Whatever it is that K’un Lun holds dear is what will unlock the door to whatever is impeding their mysterious plans. The last we see of Alexandra is her talking to a tied up Stick, where it is once again implied that she is much older than she appears.

The episode ends with Matt busting into the interrogation room to be Jessica’s lawyer. This is where we start to finally see things coming together, which should probably have happened more towards the beginning of the episode. Considering we now have six episodes left, I imagine that things will start getting extremely ramped up shortly or there may be hasty wrap ups in the final episode. This is me hoping that this is not the case after the bs that was Iron Fist…


  • Why do villains always have to like classical music? I mean, seriously? I get why they inputted the bit about Brahms, but still…enough with this cliche.
  • Danny Rand…still most annoying…At some point, I may just start a drinking game whenever I find him annoying, but then I might die.
  • I’m hoping Foggy and Matt are back together in their bro-mancing by the end of this series. It’s weird seeing them apart.
  • Also Foggy is still seeing Marcy. Yassssss.
  • Can we get an epic fight scene with Jessica please? Because so far all the guys are getting the action and I want her to kick some booty butt too.

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