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Orphan Black Series Finale: “To Right the Wrongs of Many”

We have come to the end of the show, my beloved #CloneClub! Thankfully, however, the series finale of Orphan Black, entitled “To Right the Wrongs of Many,” did what the very best of series finale does: it tells you that life goes on. Some of them are still learning to be happy, but it is a glorious and wonderful thing that they have the opportunity to do so. Our sestras are together, being a family, and they have vanquished all their foes.

And what a great vanquishing it was! We picked up straight where we left off – Art and Sarah had infiltrated the unused wing Dyad with Scott’s help, where Virginia Coady and P.T. Westmoreland were holding Helena hostage. Helena had bludgeoned Coady and fled with Sarah, but they didn’t make it out of the building – the babies were coming, and Helena needed her twin’s help. A dirty basement with zero medical supplies was not the best place, but it was going to have to do. Sarah, desperately looking for supplies to help with the delivery, flashes back to her own decision to keep Kira and how S supported her, no matter what she decided.

Sarah unfortunately has to leave Helena alone (but with a pointy screwdriver as a weapon, at least) and go look for anything that will be of help in the delivery. Coady gets a bit cleaned up from her bludgeoning and takes a medical bag in search of her captive while Westmoreland continues to have some serious problems. He is slurring his speech and is unsteady on his feet, even while yelling about how a woman in active labor could escape. Well, you don’t know Helena. Hiding from Coady in another part of the building, Sarah comes upon Art, who tells her she’ll need forceps, scissors, and clean towels. Art is on point! I worry briefly about his safety, but he totally takes out dirty cop Enger while roaming the halls. Pistol whips that bitch into unconsciousness! I kind of wanted him to shoot her between the eyes, but that isn’t really Art’s style. However, Coady gets the drop on him and they find Helena, crouched over in the midst of contractions. Coady insists that Art is going to assist in the delivery, keeping her distance from Helena.

Art sees the pointy screwdriver and fakes a medical emergency (oh no! Helena’s bleeding a lot!) to get Coady to come closer. They tag them her – Art grabs her gun and Helena drives the screwdriver through her chin into her skull, then spits on her dead body. EPIC. Not so epic as Sarah, who is cornered in the makeshift med bay by Westmoreland. He taunts her as he circles the plastic sheeted walls, calling her a lab rat in a cage. Sarah points out that she and Helena were never in a cage – he never controlled or monitored them. Damn straight! She finally fires her gun through the sheets, but he pops through and tries to suffocate her with the plastic. It is a true struggle for a minute, but she kicks him off and we see that she shot him square in the chest and he’s bleeding out. “I survived you — we survived you. Me and my sisters, together. This is neolution,” and he’s croaking out some more nonsense when Sarah takes an oxygen tank and crushes his skull with it. PERFECT!

The time to deliver the babies has come. With Art holding her from behind and Sarah ready at the front, Helena has to push. Sarah remembers S being at her side when Kira was born, telling her that she was doing a great job. Now it is Sarah’s turn to fill S’s shoes, coaching Helena through her twins’ birth. It was great that S got to be there, in a way, through Sarah. Everyone is crying as they bring twin boys into the world.

Three months later, we get to end the finale on a leisurely, loving note. All of the action is basically wrapped up, including the dramatic birth, within 35 minutes, leaving us with a nice chunk of time to enjoy everyone’s life post-Neolution. Helena is living in the Hendricks’ garage with her boys, who don’t have names yet – she distinguishes them with “purple and orange” socks. It is the morning of her baby shower. Sarah is getting ready to take her GED test, with Kira assuring her that she’ll do great. Allison is prepping the house for the party with Donnie, and Cosima (along with Delphine and Scott), are trying to figure out how many clones exist that they need to inoculate. Cosima is frustrated that they’ve only helped seven clones in three months, but Delphine says that they will keep going until they find everyone.

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)

Felix returns, fresh off an art show in New York, and chastises Sarah for having S’s house up for sale. Sarah still seems at loose ends, not knowing what to do without S. She chickens out of taking her GED and lies about it at the party, snapping at the group when they ask about the for-sale sign. She doesn’t like raising Kira in the house her grandmother died in (which I totally understand). They put this aside and go out to celebrate Helena and the boys, with jamburgers (hamburgers with jam on them – eww) for Helena. Helena is a funny mom, as we all knew she’d be. Allison and Donnie are very happy to have their nephews so close.

After the party, the sisters gather outside in the backyard. Sarah confesses that she didn’t take her test and cries that she’s a bad mom, and that she doesn’t know how to be happy even though they are no longer fighting Dyad and Neolution. Allison confesses that she’s not always a great mom, and Helena wonders where her boys keep finding sand to put in their mouths. Cosima isn’t maternal at all, and says that she worries about that, too. Sarah is grateful for their confessions, as once again her sisters lift her up.

Felix has a bit of a surprise for the sestras. He has contacted Rachel, who pulls up in an Uber. While she can’t come inside, she does have the gift he’s requested. He brings it to the backyard and shows all the girls – it is a list of all the Leda clones. Cosima can now go about her work unhindered, and she’s going to need a lot more of the vaccine – there are 274 clones! Felix sits next to them, the honorary sestra, as Helena pulls out her notebook. She tells the group that she’s finished her memoir – it is called Orphan Black, and it all starts with her sister Sarah.

A final sequence shows everyone going on with their lives – Delphine and Cosima inoculating a clone named Camilla in Colombia; Donnie shaking his butt in the laundry room at Allison, wearing only his boxers; Helena with her boys, who she has named Arthur and Donnie; and Sarah, Kira, and Felix heading to the beach. Fini.

I don’t know about you, but I loved every minute of the finale. From S being there in spirit to Helena and Sarah taking bodily revenge on their tormentors to Delphine and Cosima inoculating clones around the world to Helena’s babies hanging in their little hammocks. It was perfect. And no one we liked died! Hooray! Even Rachel had one last good act. This show championed women in all their forms, in every color of the spectrum. It is like Felix said – the clones embody a galaxy of women, women who are now free from the spectre of evil scientists and corporations who want to control their lives. After five seasons of excellent drama and intense struggle, I can’t think of a better ending than seeing all the sisters leading happy lives.

Did you love it? Tweet me @lightstar1013 and we’ll all have a group hug – I’m not crying, you’re crying!  Now that the most feminist show on TV is done…what should we watch next? More importantly, what is Tatiana Maslany going to to do next? I can’t wait to find out.

I was very happy to be the official Legion of Leia recapper for Orphan Black, thanks for letting me be part of the Clone Club. Much sestra love to everyone!

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