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Clowns Suck! An American Horror Story: Cult Podcast , Eps 1-4

Clowns Suck! An American Horror Story: Cult Podcast , Eps 1-4

The same mouthy nerds who brought you American Pods: An American Gods Podcast and WTF, Game of Thrones?! now bring you Clowns Suck, an American Horror Story: Cult Podcast. Or AHS: Clowns Suck for short.

Now calling themselves the Bored Nerds With a Mic, host Christina and her nerdy band of friends — Shaun, Brittney, and Mike — take on the arduous task of reviewing and talking about the first four episodes of American Horror Story: Cult. If you have been following the show as we have, then you know it has been a battle of wills. That is…right up until Episode 4 when things FINALLY get interesting!

We know who most of the clowns are! We, scarily enough, understand the draw of the Cult of Kai (is he still taking members?). Plots points are finally starting to make sense. What we still need to know is what the heck is up with that glowing chemical truck? With whom does Winter pledge her allegiance?

Because of New York Comic Con, we will be taking a break next week. But! We shall be covering Episodes 5-6 in an extra long episode the following week. Check back here on Legion of Leia for more AHS: Clowns Suck!

Warning: NSFW language is used.

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