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Warning: will contain spoilers for anyone that has not yet to see season one of Stranger Things.

Since its debut on July 15, 2016, the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has quickly become one of the most watched series on the popular streaming service. The series follows a mother and a group of kids desperate to see the return of their missing son and friend, and along the way a little girl with supernatural gifts joins the group and a dark dimension is uncovered. Season two is guaranteed to get much stranger and the internet has been a buzz with a lot of theories and predictions since the debut of the teaser during Super Bowl 51, some a little far fetched, but some may just be likely scenarios. Here are 10 Stranger Things theories and possible season two predictions.

10. Joyce is dating a Goonie

Among the new casting additions is Sean Astin who many know from The Goonies and The Lord of the Rings. Rumor has it that he has been added to play the part of Joyce’s new lover interest, and he may be the proud owner of a local Radio Shack. Way to go Joyce, he’s a big improvement over that last guy.

9. The “Upside Down” wasn’t always an evil place

The Upside Down is theorized to be an alternate version of Hawkins, but the darkness that surrounds it may actually be an evil invading force and not the original state of the dimension. The tentacles, creatures, slugs and seemingly toxic air are all methods of the invading force to seize control of the Upside Down or chemical strike from a third dimension. This invader destroys life and leaves nothing but destruction in its wake, and even worse, Eleven may have accidentally attracted the invasion. The goal of the invading force is eventual world domination, but it’s just starting to take over- until season 2.

8. Will is part monster now

After his return from his not so fun stay in the Upside Down, Will was seen coughing up what appeared to be slugs and other slimy remnants from the dark dimension. After he expels the gunk, the bathroom lights begin to flicker and scenes from the darkness he left begins to creep across the walls. Is this the dark world calling to the monster within him or is he just recovering from spending almost an entire season in a horrible existence?

7. Eleven is alive but in BIG trouble

 Our favorite tiny heroine with supernatural abilities and a shaved head was last seen towards the end of season one locked in a pretty intense battle with the Demogorgon after which both seemed to vanish. In an attempt to save her friends and Hawkins, Eleven appears to have landed herself back in the Upside Down. In a teaser that debuted during the Super Bowl, Eleven is seen laying unconscious in a close up of her face then her eyes suddenly fly open. She can also be seen wandering around what looks like the dark dimension she has fought to stay away from.

6. The Upside Down is really the future of Hawkins

The Upside Down is an exact copy of Hawkins, just covered in vines and inhabited by creatures and filled with toxic air. The Upside Down could be a glimpse into the future of the town following a chemical attack which would explain the toxins and mutations.

5. Will is not Will

The theory goes that Will is still stuck in the Upside Down and what Hopper and Joyce pulled out of the slime at the end of season one is a copy of him. This could mean that the PTSD that Will is described to have in the synopsis for season two isn’t PTSD but a copy of Will from another dimension trying to blend in and figure out how to return home. After all, Joyce and Hopper really had no idea what they were really in contact with when they breached the Upside Down in search of Will.

4. Will could be a villain in season 2

This would go along with he previous two theories about Will (that he is part monster and that the Will that was recovered isn’t really him). Between coughing up slugs and various stills showing Joyce shaking him as if she is attempting to pull him from a trance, Will could be transitioning into something more sinister. What better way for the force invading the Upside Down to creep into the present than to send in an unassuming spy that could sabotage the very group that could stop it?

3. The new monster is from ‘D&D’

The internet has been theorizing about what the tentacle clad monster spotted throughout teasers and stills could be, the popular vote is that it is a monster from the game Dungeons & Dragons called the Thessalhydra that Will defeated while the group was playing in season one. In Greek mythology, the Thessalhydra is described as having many heads, and judging by the glimpses we have gotten, this theory seems more than plausible.

2. Eleven will find an escape hatch

In the trailer, Eleven is seen standing by and reaching through what appears to be a portal, could this be an escape hatch from the Upside Down and could have Eleven accidentally created a rip between worlds when she used her gifts to banish the Demogorgon? His would explain how the creatures are able to move between dimensions so quickly. If this is an express route between Hawkins and the Upside Down, it could potentially give the group easier access to defeating whatever dwells there and perhaps a way to close the portal for good. It could also be a way to restore balance to the Upside Down if the theory of an invading force is true.

1. Eleven is Hopper’s daughter

Out of almost all of the Stranger Things theories floating around, this one has the most credibility. Hopper’s daughter fell ill with cancer and supposedly died and just so happens to be close to the age of the main group of kids. Eleven appears to be the same age as Will and company and she had to have come from someone. The timeline of events pertaining to his daughter’s illness lines up directly with the story of Terry Ives, Eleven’s mother. Perhaps it was Hopper’s wife that died or maybe she just took off and his daughter was kidnapped. It would make sense that he would create an elaborate story to comfort himself because he as a cop couldn’t solve her kidnapping. Lest we forget that he also took a plate of Eggos into the woods at the end of season one, that was pretty fatherly of him.

Stranger Things season two hits Netflix Friday, October 27th. While we wait not so patiently, what are some of your favorite Stranger Things theories or predictions?


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