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Hello, hello, hello! Last week’s Blindspot ended with Roman approaching Weller and threatening to tell Jane about whatever happened in Berlin, unless Weller did what he asked. We find out exactly what Roman wanted early on in Enemy Bag of Tricks. He wants Weller to solve a tattoo right away. Weller doesn’t want to and would prefer to just skip ahead to Roman’s end game, but Roman says it doesn’t work that way. Besides, they’re saving lives, not destroying them. He has no desire to blow up the world. Weller has to take him at his word for now.

The following day, Weller interrupts Patterson’s rant about how Stuart ruined her “holistic” flow in the lab and how he’s not allowed to randomly start working on a tattoo, by passing on the information Roman gave him. Only he naturally makes it sound like he thought of it himself.

It’s the Perseus tattoo Jane now has. There’s an extra finger. Between that and overlapping it with Jane’s old tattoo near it, they determine a search radius near the Finger Lakes. After shooting down Reade’s desire to proceed with caution and wait until they have more information, the team heads out. They search for hours with no luck. Just as Reade is calling it all off, something falls out of the sky. It’s a satellite.

Before they can approach it, they come under fire. A group of mercenaries start shooting and while the team is trying to survive the ambush, the mercenaries make off with the satellite’s black box.

They track down who manufactured the satellite. It leads them to company that’s a cover for the Department of Defense. Apparently, the US has a secret military defense shield, and the fallen satellite is the main one. When paired with a badass coder and a high powered computer, it’s possible to turn off the defense shield, leaving America open to attack. To make matters worse, Zapata puts a call into Keaton and find out North Korea is planning an attack. It’s pretty obvious they’re the ones who want the black box.

The team hits a lot of dead ends, but Stuart gets them a lead, when he discovers the bodies of a couple of hunters. They were murdered by the mercenaries in the beginning of Enemy Bag of Tricks. There are cameras in the area, so they get a good look at the mercenaries, and wouldn’t you know it? Jane knows one of them.

His name is Dwyer Lee. He and Jane worked together during the time Jane was on the run. She had decided to put her skillset to good use, and used to help recover kidnapped people for money. It’s a morally gray area of work, but ultimately, the intentions are good. At least, that’s how Jane looks at it. Weller isn’t happy about this, but Jane asks him if he’s ever worked with bad people to do something good, and that shuts Weller up fast, considering his current predicament.

And it’s a good thing Jane does him, because she remembers how Dwyer kept talking about food, and they’re able to track him down in Brooklyn. All because of Peter Luger’s. They recover the black box and capture Dwyer. Reade tries to interrogate him to get his contacts, but it doesn’t work. Jane goes in, and Dwyer implies the reason the Koreans didn’t show up to meet him and collect the box is because there’s a leak in the FBI.

Reade doesn’t want to believe this, because he made sure to keep most of the information about the op compartmentalized. Only a handful of people knew about both the location and the black box. Two of those people included DoD employees, Marci and Nikhil. A little digging shows Nikhil’s badge was used to access the satellite network. The only problem is Nikhil was in the hospital all night. This means Marci is the leak.

Marci shoots her protection detail, gets in touch with the North Koreans, and sets up a meet at the River Point Museum. The team goes in, finds Marci has been murdered, and the North Koreans have the black box. They use the high powered computer in the museum’s planetarium to start taking down the defense network. The team splits up, and naturally, Jane and Weller are the duo who take down the North Koreans and prevent nuclear war.

While all of this has been going on, what’s up with Roman? He’s in Australia. He’s been slowly targeting Tom Jakeman, a former military man whose best friend committed suicide and left all his millions to Tom. Roman infiltrates Tom’s PTSD group and slowly befriends Tom. After Roman says something to trigger Tom, Tom and Roman go back to Tom’s apartment for drinks. Tom is a sweet guy who wants to make sure Roman doesn’t do anything to hurt himself. They get to talking, and over the course of the day, Tom gives up a lot of important information. It’s everything Roman needs to access Tom’s bank accounts without any issue. He murders Tom and looks as though he’s going to also take over Tom’s life.

The sad part about all of this, aside for the murder, is Roman liked Tom. It felt good for him to talk. He admits he both loves Jane and wants her back, but also wants to murder her. To the average person, that’s all talk, but we know better. Roman can go either way. Part of me is hoping all this time on his own might help him find a way to not be quite so sociopathic, but it’s doubtful.

Anyway, on to some of the other, more personal issues happening. Last week, Jane hid some money and passports from Weller. It turns out that was the money she earned as a rescuer for hire. This is great, because Weller is in debt, because he spent all his money and time searching for Jane. This money will help them out nicely. They’re still trying to work out who they are as a couple. Weller feels like Jane is a bit of a stranger now. She’s become a vegan. She had this whole other life away from him. What else is he going to discover? What’s really nice about all of this is they are trying. I like that Blindspot didn’t go too cynical and had Jane come clean about the money so quickly.

Reade is struggling with being in charge of the team. He and Weller have a little friction, because Weller used to be in charge, but Reade acknowledges what’s going on. They’re all trying to figure out their new place in the team, but they’re still a great team. Zapata tries to reach out and pays Reade a visit to his apartment. That’s when she (and we) find out not only does Reade have a girlfriend, Megan, but she’s living with him. She is also really nice, insists Zapata joins them for dinner, and we’re going to try and ignore the similarities in appearance between her and Zapata. It’s going to get weird, but as far as first impressions go, I like her.

Finally, we have Stuart and Patterson. He’s been trying to figure out this one tattoo for the entire episode, and Patterson has been pissed about it. But PattersonPatterson also thinks Stuart knows her yelling at him is also affection. It’s pointed out that he might not know that. Patterson promises to rectify this, which you know means bad things for Stuart. Enemy Bag of Tricks ends with Patterson leaving Stuart a message apologizing, and she’s at his apartment. She notices his door is ajar, so she pulls her piece and goes in. Stuart’s place is trashed and Stuart is dead.

I think Stuart’s death bothers me the most about this episode. I’ve always wanted to know more about him, because Patterson really liked to give him hell, but this isn’t how I wanted him to get more screen time. I wanted more of a CSI approach. Have him start off as a nobody with a line or two, and then slowly beef up his role. He’d never be the most important person, but he’d be reliable and consistent. Oh well. Can’t win them all.

Not gonna lie, Enemy Bag of Tricks is a little overpacked with story and action, but everything is still clear enough that you won’t get too lost. I’m definitely curious to see how all of Jane’s tattoos interact and what Roman’s endgame is, but right now, I’m more interested in how the team works together and finds their new groove. I like Blindspot so much more when it focuses on the team and not just Weller and Jane. What do you think?

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